Fuel Tank Fairing / Cover Removal

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    I’ve searched high and low and can’t find any guidance on safely removing the plastic gas tank covers or “fairings.” I’ve made some progress (see below), but they just won’t budge and I’m afraid to break them. The dealer service repair manual only shows how to remove the tank with the fairings attached, nothing on removing the fairings themselves.

    Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far, from front to back:

    1. Remove the “U-shaped” plastic cap at the front of the tank by pulling up (hard!) at the two front “forked” tips on either side of the steering column to pop out the mushroom retainers. Once they’re popped out, slide the whole plastic cover forward. It should come right off.

    2. This reveals 3 bolts. The 2 outside bolts (circled in red in the photo below) hold the fairings and the center one is for removing the whole fuel tank. Remove the bolts circled in red.

    3. Unlock and open the fuel filler cap with the motorcycle key. Remove only the 3 bolts circled in red (see photo below) to remove the fuel filler cap.

    Tank fairing removal filler cap

    4. Remove the seat, exposing the neon yellow plastic “bulkhead.” Remove the seat retention bolt and the two bolts directly below that one, all circled in red in the photo below. There are also 2 black plastic quarter-turn retainers on either side of the bolts. Unscrew them carefully and they’ll pop right out.

    Tank removal rear

    5. This next part is tricky, so be patient. The yellow bulkhead is held in place by sliding tabs, retained by the snap tab shown in the yellow box in the photo above, which you’ll see through a window in the yellow bulkhead. You need to push that tab inward (towards the tank) to release it while simultaneously pulling up on the bulkhead. Don’t pull to hard because it’ll slam up and likely break! If you’re having trouble, which you probably will, it’s because the flexible polyethylene fuel tank hidden below the fairings doesn’t give much clearance for that snap tab to push in, so you’ll have to pull and flex the bulkhead away from the tank while pulling up on it and pushing the tab inward. Be careful!

    This is as far as I’ve gotten. I see that there are 2 large hooks on the fairings attached to both undersides of the gas tank, but I can’t get them undone nor does pulling on any other part of the fairing accomplish very much. Any further force feels like the fairing will just snap and break on me.

    I see that Husqvarna is now selling aftermarket tank fairings with and alternate paint scheme. If anyone has purchased those, please scan and upload the instructions sheet as it’s unavailable online.


    Ok, I figured it out:

    6. Once you have all the hardware and components in steps 1-5 above removed, it’s just a matter of carefully uncoupling a series of clips along the top seam of the two fairings. Start at the front where you removed the U-shaped black plastic cover and 2 bolts and gently, GENTLY!, pull the 2 fairing halves apart until they slightly unseat from their alignment. The right side cover must be removed first. Start by pulling up the right side edge of the fairing around around the fuel filler hole, this takes a little bit of fingertip effort, but shouldn’t require any tools. Once the right side fairing is mostly lifted up around the right side of the filler hole, hold it with you right hand and use your left hand to grab the rear “point” of the fairing (where the yellow bulkhead used to be) and gently wiggle the whole thing until it releases and hinges down on the big underside hook. Reach under the tank, using  both hands to release that big hook and the whole right side cover will come off into your hands. It should look like the photo below:

    Tank fairing cover removal half

    7. To remove the left side cover, start at the filler hole again. Gently begin releasing the snap tabs around the perimeter of the fairing ring (see them circled in red below) until it’s mostly raised up around the right side of the filler hole. Holding the right side of the ring slightly (and gently) flexed up with your left hand, use your right hand to grab the rear pointed end of the fairing and wiggle the whole thing until it released and hinges down on the big underside hook. Reach below with both hands to release the hook and you should have both halves of the fairing now removed.


    Thats how a tutorial should look like,great!


    Just used this guide and it was perfect! No joke you have to pull HARD on the front panel, thought I was going to break something!


    Huge thanks for the write up! I will be referring to this as I pull the tank fairing off.


    Elpedro, do you think the 701 tank covers can be installed onto the 401 with little effort? I’m not a big fan of the one piece cover that comes down over the air box.

    Max Kool

    Nope, I don’t think they will fit, different shape. 🙁


    This is going to sound odd, but was there any trick to getting the seat retention bolt off?  I turn it and it just turns and turns and turns.


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    Max Kool

    The one on the front? Sounds like the threaded insert in the tank is slipping?


    Yes, the center one in the front.  And the threaded insert slipping was my guess as to what was happening.  The thing is, I can’t figure out how to get it off without damaging the trim piece.

    If there isn’t an easy solution, it’s still under warranty so off to the shop it will go.


    Van City Vit

    Elpedro, thanks so much for this, i just worked through your notes step by step and it was exactly as you described, not sure it would have been that quick and easy without your help, in fact, i know it wouldn’t.

    Cheers from Canada.

    Reklis Abandon

    Edit: didn’t notice this was a 701

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