Fuel tank capacity?

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    The capacity is claimed to be 12 liters on the spec-sheet. However, I can only load 7 (actually 6.97 liters) when the last digit of the fuel gauge is already blinking. Does anyone else have the same doubt or even know what went wrong?


    was this just after you started the bike in the morning / afternoon ?

    on my bike it sometimes shows zero fuel when I start it after a few hours standby, and then re calibrates to whatever is left in the tank after a few min riding


    Nope. I went to the gas station after I rode for about an hour and saw the last digit blinking on the gauge. All I could add is mo greater than 7 liters…


    The tank is by no means 12l. I emptied the tank to the max and it took no more than 10l. An average refill is 8-9l max!! The last bit of the tank is really hard to fill. Try to squeeze your legs to the tank and you’ll know what I mean. The tank has an odd shape


    the low fuel light comes on early, there is probably 1 gallon still in the tank. The reason i know this is I’ve reset the trip odometer and looked at the mpg. I did ~100 miles and got ~50mpg and the low fuel light came on. I probably could have gone another 50 miles before running out of fuel.

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    I ran out of gaz once or twice with the bike, and refuelled 12L.

    When the true fuel light comes, you can easily ride 40/50kms more.

    most of the time I refuel 9/10Liters of gaz maximum.

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    Thank you guys! It’s very helpful to learn the true capacity without the need to run out of the fuel somewhere on the road myself.


    Ran out of fuel today, according to the bike I still had 70km of range left. 🙄

    Managed to restart it a couple of times, each time I could ride a couple 100m before stalling again. Eventually it would not start anymore. Luckily nearest gas station was just a 10minute walk away.

    I got 12.03 liters in, I’ll not rely on the range display from now on. 😅


    I thought it was 13 Litres, but maybe wrong.


    I take that back, it is suppose to be 12/ APRROX.

    Fuel reserve, approx.

    2.5 l (2.6 qt.)

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    Thanks for sharing your experience! The range display is bothersome to me too.


    So the fuel gauge is crap, got it.  Was pretty clear given how much it swings for me.  When I start it up it either says I’ve got 300 miles of range or zero.  Takes the better part of 10 minutes of riding to recalibrate.  What about range?  What’s the average distance people are seeing in their trip before having to refuel?  I’m only getting around 100 miles (161 km) before I feel like I can’t chance it anymore.


    160km with a 701? You’ll only fill up about 7 liters?

    As I’ve found out the tank holds 12 liters. So you’ve got about 5 liters left, which gives you another 125km left.

    I usually fill up between 220 and 250km. And it then takes about 10 liters.

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    Riding hard, Im getting 62 mpg (calculated the old fashion way), should give me 180 miles out of a tank. I try to fill up around 150.



    I am running this exact experiment now.  If I ride like a d!@& I definitely get less than 80 miles to the tank, I have definitely seen some 100 mile tanks during the break-in period.  The big, big issue with my numbers will be the fact that I have a Coober Airbox cover and DNA Race filter; I also removed the lower canister and have a Comp Werks canister delete pipe and slip on all increasing the air flow a bit and I’m sure making it burn a little more fuel.


    You can chance it pretty far. Just open the gas tank and you can see how much fuel is left. I get 150  miles. Can still see gas . But don’t wanna burn out fuel pump . Is the white vertical tower in tank the pump or just the filter.(or both). Btw. I have filter and booster plug.

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