Fuel Level sensor seems to be drunk

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    Hello everyone


    I quite recently got my Vitpilen 401. Rode it for a bit, its currently got about 650km on the odometer. Since day one when i picked it up, i started realizing that the fuel level gauge is just straight up lying, or broken. When i move the bike around i can hear the sensor inside the tank move around and hit the edges so its not stuck anywhere thats for sure. Shortly said: its incorrect.


    I fue upl the bike fully, ride home with about 80% fuel level. The next day, i ride to work (50km) with only half a tank according to the fuel level gauge and once im finished, i ride back home….. with a full tank according to the gauge. I immediately started getting used to just opening the fuel cap and checking the fuel level physically instead of trusting the gauge. Been riding for about 150km now with the same fuel-up from before and im still at a full tank according to the fuel level gauge.


    Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a fix? That is, IF it is anything serious. I have the first service incoming at 1000km so im planning to tell the dealer once the bike is in for servicing. 2 Years of warranty after all. If anyone has had similiar problems, has already contacted their dealer or even husqy directly, i would be happy if you’d let me know.


    Thanks in advance everyone.


    Hi Mate

    unfortunately it is rubbish for us all!

    Dealer will tell you there isn’t a fix!



    Welp, gotta stick to the old school method i guess. Tnx


    Hello, every one, same problem here.

    I think I herd in other forums and by a friend in Husqvarna motorcycles (in my country) that the will pull out a Software update for the ECU that fix the oil gauge and other problems


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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