Fuel Level Sensor Failure

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    Anyone else having fuel level sensor issues. I get a, “Fuel Level Sensor Failure,” message on the display. The readout of km until empty is all over the map as well. I’ll be riding on the highway at a constant speed and it will change often and drastically: 300…. 90….. 150…. 240…. and so on.

    I spoke to the dealership here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Could be a month before they get parts. Apparently they have to order a sensor and whole new dash to address the issue. A bit of a piss off considering it’s brand new. The bike still runs well though.



    I don’t think I’m getting the fuel level sensor failure message. I fear my dealer will replace the sensor and then realize they need the dash, too, thereby initiating another long wait for parts. I don’t even care about range until empty; a working gas gauge would be enough for me. At least I finally got a motorcycle I want to keep, so I’m willing to wait.


    Hey, Danimal, you’re the third person on the forum with this issue. Check out the topic “gas gauge malfunction”. 3/4 reading when tank is full.


    New development with my fuel gauge:

    After a month, the new fuel level sensor arrived. Received the following from the dealership,

    “Just wanted to touch base with you on an update. We’ve replaced the fuel level sender and the old one does test bad, but the fuel level is still not changing on the dash. The next steps are replacing a wiring harness and/or dash but I’ve inquired with Husqvarna for their assistance sorting out which it is if not both.”

    They’ve now had the bike a week waiting for a response from Husky. It’s pretty frustrating to have the bike sitting at the dealership this long during the summer. I’ve inferred from later conversations that this is a pretty common issue with the bikes and that Husky is working towards a standardized approach for diagnosing and repair.


    Finally got my bike back from the dealership. Turns out the fuel level sender and the dash were faulty. It took a long time to get parts. Actually according to the dealership, the response time from Husky was the big hurtle. I ended up contacting Husqvarna Canada directly to find out what the issue was. They got right on it and things were solved in a day.

    I would encourage you all to do the same to speed up their response time.

    Back on the road now and 40km later; everything seems to be working well.

    Love this bike!



    I’m seeing the same issue. I took mine to the dealership and they did a software update and said it was fixed. It isn’t. I think I need to take it to a different dealership.

    AvatarGalloway Ranger

    Picked up my new 701 yesterday. Got home on the supplied fuel – 55 miles. Started journey with dash saying 90 miles left, dropped to 60 and then back up to 70 which is where it was when I got home!  Brimmed the tank today and the dash shows 3/4 full or so it seems as the word ‘full’ is quite a way from the highest bar.  We’ll see how it goes.


    They had to change my fuel level sensor AND dash to address the issue.

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