Fuel gauge, How do you keep track of gas?

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    How do you guys keep track of how much gas you have and when to fill up? I have a 2019 401 Svart, I heard the gas gauge is all over the place..

    Is there a fuel light, how many miles/time do you have once it goes on?

    Do I really need to monitor the odometer or can I go by the fuel light/gauge? Sounds annoying as fuck.



    The guage isn’t all over the place. Some people had an issue with the sensor arm in the tank so it never reads full / empty but it’s still works in a fashion even with that issue.

    The main issue is that when it gets low it suddenly says fill up with loads left.

    Ultimately fuel injection and ECU fuel consumption calculations are very accurate. Your style of riding uses a certain amount of fuel and at least in the UK where we only have 95+ sold everywhere. I know to within 10 miles when I am running low just by miles done since fill up.

    The issue is a small tank not the way it measures what’s left.

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    What’s all over the place is the range miles to empty display.the guage is fine.once the bars dissapear. Low fuel will appear on dash.but that’s still more than 30 miles left.


    Thanks all for the replies. Glad to hear the gauge works atleast, its just the range that gets messed up, and its got a low fuel light, great, more then my last bike, ha!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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