Frame sliders vs crash bar suggestions

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    Was wondering what you guys might suggest for my particular setup. I will be doing a fair amount of parking lot practice, and I live and ride in an urban area where bikes get knocked over a lot.

    So crash bars can make sense…. However I like keeping my bike as light as possible

    I thought about frame sliders, but those are usually one and done. They are lighter but I’d hate to constantly shell out for more sliders.

    Wondering what you guys suggest. Are there any particular sliders that will hold up to multiple drops? Or is there a “lightweight” crash bar option that exists?

    Any suggestions let me know. Thanks!



    Hey there-

    I put the Rizoma crash bars on mine. They are light weight, and almost look ‘stock’.

    Here’s a link:

    They create a high point mid frame, and should protect both the engine, and especially the more fragile radiator.

    I know there are other bars, and Husqvarna also makes engine and clutch guards (ugly and overwrought, in my opinion), but this Rizoma set up seemed like the sleekest to me., and a good compromise of coverage vs bulky and ugly.

    Let us know what you decide on.

    Good luck!




    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Wish I saw this earlier.</p>
    I went with these:

    I’m hoping that these will protect the radiator, but we’ll see. I think the ones you got do a better job. These look nice and light thou.



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    Hi Roadkill, did those sliders end up protecting the radiator and everything else? Did you buy the axle and exhaust sliders too?


    Keen to find out how effective the frame sliders are in the event of a low slide as well. I have ordered the crash bars from T-Rex Racing for my 2020 anyway but liked the minimalistic look of the sliders.


    Let me know if those end up fitting, Wingzee. The 2020 bike has a lot of slight differences from the 2019 and I have found a lot of parts providers are incorrectly saying parts will fit a 2020. The entire subframe is longer on our 2020s than the 2019 and previous years.


    Hi Chad, my bike won’t be arriving till Nov but I have gotten an email response from T-Rex confirming it will fit, also mentioning that they have tested on their own 2020. We shall find out!


    Hello. Well I ordered the frame sliders from t rex. Haven’t installed them yet. I’ll let you know, I also have fork sliders.

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