Found a decent rack for panniers and/or rear bag

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    Hi all,

    After spending considerable time browsing the net for a suitable rear rack mount for panniers, I quickly realised that there wasn’t much out there and may have to fabricate something myself.

    Call it luck, but I suddenly stumbled across something which was precisely what I was after.

    Figured I would share this with you all, in case anyone else is interested:

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Ride on and ride safe!


    Looks great!
    Have you tried it out yet?


    I bought one of these to check out on my 2022 Svartpilen. ~$190USD shipped via DHL to Portland, OR. Arrived in about four days well-packed.

    The rack is stout and functional. Good paint and finish. The upper OEM grab bar must be removed for this to fit. It comes with spacers and bolts to mount from below to the same four points as the directional pods. The pods need to be removed and mounted below the rack which leaves two wide gaps in the splash guard for water intrusion under the seat, not happy about that. The directional pods are also lower now and look kinda funny.

    I did not mount the rack as-is since I also hung my license plate from the directional pods and with the rack it would hang too low toward the tire. And the water issue needs to be addressed. I plan to add (weld) a small metal plate to each side of the rack to mount the directionals (10mm studs), and trim the OEM pod plastic to be able to leave them in their original places just to act as a water barrier, and mount the rack beneath them using the OEM silver spacer washers. License plate mounting will also have to be figured out with a small bracket that positions the plate just below the brake light.


    Looks good… may need to get one for my 2022.


    Just needs a milk crate and the full conversion to KLR650 will be complete.  Nice!

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