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    All dressed up and ready for tonight’s Black-Tie Event…always arrive in style!


    Damn! Looks great! Got a couple questions though. What license plate bracket is that and what stand did you buy? Would love to see how it attaches to the bike closer up as well. Great photos!


    It does look amazing ! which rear stand is that, I need one?




    Thanks for the comments. The day became mostly overcast so I grabbed the camera and took advantage of the naturally diffused lighting.

    You can order the rear stand online from Harbor Freight Tools or pick it up at one of their stores for $32.99. I bought mine locally but it was slightly bent in three different directions so I had them mark it down to $25.00…they’ll do that if you ask:

    They have a beefed-up version (online only) for a few extra bucks but I thought it would appear too busy and distracting for photos:

    The license plate holder is temporary…it’s a cheapo from Ebay. It’s secured by the rear axle nut and fits flush within the swingarm’s channel:

    I will eventually move the license plate to the other side of the swingarm by using the fender and chainguard mounting lugs as shown on some of the initial concept images of the Svart. I just have to find time to draw it up and locate a plasma cutter nearby that I can work with.


    I love the direction you’re taking the bike in. These bikes have alot going for it in terms of aesthetics. I hope more riders diversify the look.


    Thanks Kalvin, I’m trying to keep true to the origin of the bike; Simple…Progressive.

    Perhaps like yourself and many others, I was immediately drawn to it from the moment I saw its initial design. I think we all have a pretty good idea of what the designers had in mind and luckily, the production run remained pretty true to it’s concept so any attempt to restore it back to its origin shouldn’t be too difficult.

    I’m too am hoping we can generate enough interest so that the aftermarket culture will jump onboard. I know the anticipation was prolonged…perhaps worn out, but the product is now available and as you suggest, it has a lot of potential…I just wish we could find a solution to that goofy muffler <=-/


    What are the dimensions of your license plate? I’m trying to figure out how mine would look like in that position (240mm x 130mm).


    License Plate: 7-1/8″ x 4″ (181mm x 101.5mm)

    Mounting Holes: 5-3/4″ x 2-3/4″ (146mm x 70mm)


    What did you do for rear turn signals?


    That is fucking bitchin


    ThankYouThankYou!! So much more to do…wish I had more time =-(

    “What did you do for rear turn signals?”

    Well, I placed an order for some signals from Watsen Design a few weeks ago but he sent an email notifying me that he’s backed-up for a month so all signals are a-mano for now.

    I know they’re on the expensive side but what the heck…so is everything else.


    Hey Johnny,


    Big fan of your work here. I got my svartpilen a month ago and I’m looking to start customizing it. I do have a few questions for you.

    Turn Signal:

    Which of the Watsen Desing did you get? the one for the scrambler? and how do you plan to install them on the front?

    Licence plate holder:
    Like everyone, I’m not loving the current plate situation (I’m in the U.S.) and I do like what you did. Can you remove the thread without having the bike on a stand?


    Thanks dude!


    Thanks Amonsalveg, I’m hoping to get my hands on a Svart once I’m done with the Vit…I have some pretty vivid ideas for that as well.

    Yes, I removed the wheel nut while the bike was on the kickstand (sidestand).

    As you may have noticed, Watsen’s site isn’t very comprehensive. From what I gather, the designs are basically the same, with different names, and the addition of a relay here and there to accommodate any specific brand.

    I’ve ordered a set of the Triumph Street Twin in gloss black for the rear and Triumph Bonneville in matte black for the front and if it all goes as planned, the front signals will likely go where the stock signals were (depending on the hardware provided) and I plan to install the rear somewhere along the bottom seams of the body panels. I had hoped to install them on the plastic covers for the grab handle but there is a chassis screw underneath them that may prohibit that location.

    Those are my plans so far but I’ll have to see when they arrive.


    The bike looks great! what did you do with your mid muffler?  It isn’t the original one is it…

    I’m looking for more exhaust sound with changing the original looks off the bike, maybe you found a solution.


    This is what he did, check the link.

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