FOR SALE: Vit 401 Aftermarket Parts (USA Shipping)

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    Hi All,

    I decided to trade in my Vitpilen 401 so I’m selling some new parts that have never been installed. All parts are BRAND NEW unless otherwise stated. Currently I’m only shipping to locations within the continental US.

    Apologies that I don’t have pics right now, I’m traveling abroad and don’t have very good access to the internet. I’ll start shipping items out when I return on Jan 14th. Depending on where you live I’ll calculate shipping and will split shipping cost

    Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

    1. Avon TrailRider Tires – Front & Rear (120/70/17 & 150/60/17) – $300
    2. Husqvarna Headlight Guard – $50
    3. JohnnyLighting Headlight Lens & Headlight Guard (yellow halo lens) – $120
    4. Svartpilen 401 stock Skid Plate w/ mounting hardware – $100
    5. K&N Air Filter – $30 (like new)
    6. Competition Werkes Mini Cat Delete SS – $70 (Installed once and then removed due to being too loud for my taste)
    7. OEM body panels (sides only! Vinyl wrapped in gloss grey and matte black) – $180

    Thanks for looking!


    pm’d you


    PM set if you still have the headlight guard and/or de-cat. I’d probably be interested in the K&N filter too. Thanks,


    PM’d you


    All PM’s replies to. The following parts are currently on hold pending confirmation:

    • Comp Werkes Mini Cat Delete – HLgrade
    • JohnnyLighting Headlight screen & Guard – HLgrade
    • K&N Filter – HLgrade
    • Husqvarna Headlight Guard – Jordan

    I’ll be reaching out to arrange payment & shipping once I’m back in town on Jan 14th. Thanks for your patience!


    Interested in the skid plate, please send me a message. I am have difficulty sending you a pm


    What is still available? Interested in cat delete and headlight guard.


    Can I ask you a question about the cat delete?

    I purchased that same one but it does not reach the down pipe .it does fit the factory exhaust muffler but it is about 3 to 4 inches short to reach the down pipe. Do you have a picture of yours installed? Thanx


    Could you post a picture of the body panels wrapped in gloss grey and matte black?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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