First round of mods on my 2020 Svartpilen 401 complete

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    Hey all, I’m pretty stoked about this first round of mods, I actually bought most of these parts before I even got the bike. Here’s what I did so far:

    – Replaced the stock mirrors with some cheapo bar end mirrors (like $20 on ebay)
    – Removed the whole rear fender thing
    – Put the license plate on a vertical side mount (like $15 on ebay) with bolt lights (like $10 on ebay)
    – Added MNNTHBX axle sliders and frame sliders
    – Replaced rear blinkers with Wunderkind set
    – Replaced front blinkers with Mgadget pins
    – Removed tank rack

    I’ll probably do more eventually, but for now I’m really stoked on the transformation.

    Before & after shots:


    Very big improvement there, very nice. Did you do something to your side stand? I have a 2020 401 too and mine has a circular pad which doesnt work too well.

    Maybe just a different market type thing



    Looks great! What do you think of the MNTHBX sliders so far? Looking to get some sliders for my Svart and definitely considering these. Do you think the frame sliders stick out enough to protect the radiator?

    Thanks for your feedback!


    @wilfumi Yeah different markets I think, side stand came stock. Thanks tho!

    Thanks. I really like the looks of the sliders, they seem super solid (I mean they’d better be for the money), and they would definitely save the radiator. The pegs, handlebars, and exhaust would still scrape like a mf, but everything else would be protected (but hopefully I won’t be testing that theory anytime soon).

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    Hi there! First off you bike looks sick with the new mods! I just wanted to ask a quick questions about the bar end mirrors?

    Did they just clamp onto the original bar ends that came stock?


    Yup, they were kind of a pain to get installed but they have worked great since I put them in. Bargain for the money for sure!


    @jupiterhenry do you have a link for that license bracket from eBay? A couple on there have some bad reviews saying they are flimsy and people are losing plates on the freeway. Bike looks awesome!

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