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    Hi all,

    My bike has a fuel gauge that displays the “reverse” condition.

    I.e. 8 bars light up when the tank is empty, and no bars when fully fuelled. The bars  gradually light-up as I ride, so the gauge shows the tank “filling up” when it is actually “emptying out”.

    The local mechanic tried to toubleshoot it but with no success. He connected another combination instrument to the bike and was able to replicate the problem. Something about the interfacing between the instrument w the bike’s computer? He determines it is a software issue, and has notified the factory who is “working on it”. But he is not able to give a timeframe for a fix.

    I’ve had the bike for a 5-wks (1,150km) and the problem was from day1. Everything else works fine.

    Has anyone experienced this?


    Not me, but it seems like a lot of the faults are either stemming from the ECU or sensors for this. Fingers crossed you get this fixed.


    Mine is already at the dealership with only 200~ kms due to the engine cutting out. Again a ECU or sensor issue. Hopefully it is something they can replicate and find the issue off. Hopefully Husky will attend to these matter ASAP.



    I got a call to bring the bike in today, and the dealership installed a new cluster with the latest firmware.

    So far so good 60km in. Sounds like they got it sorted!


    So many of my motorcycles over the years have had some fuel gauge issue. I just stopped caring. Not many bikes are accurate. They all seem to have their quirks, regardless of brand. I favor using the trip counter to keep track of fuel. The Svart does not make this easy. Press the button, press the button, hold the button; it’s annoying. I don’t even use it, I just go off of memory of my last refill. Living in a city it’s not a big deal. Also, the cluster is ugly. Who designed this thing, someone dude stuck in the year 2000? It looks like it came off my old Yamaha FZ6 from that era. Terrible design. I wish they would have done a gauge with a needle and a single-press push-button trip reset and a very small window for diagnostics. Keep it simple and clean, that would be nice.


    I have never seen such a crappy fuel gauge since the mid 1990th! Today mine showed 120km, 10km later it said “Empty”…

    I don’t care. I’ll find out about the fuel consumption and will go to the fuel station early enough to avoid running out of fuel.

    (By the way: My TNT 1130 (Benelli) makes aprox. 130km – 180km until empty light switches on. If so the 19l tank is “gone”. As the 701 needs aprox. 6l/100km or less in max I’m sure to be able to make 200km per tank which is very nice for a bike. So I’m fine with the Vitpilen so far…)


    even my svart has a problem with the tank,
    completely full to the limit as indicated in the service manual,i have six bars light

    not 8 bars lights on the display, it has only 2400 km,

    as soon as I have time I go to the dealership and ask for the warranty because the transparent plastic is damaged, it always looks wet or fused


    I can add this to a long list of things that have gone awry with my vitp701 2018 since getting it.  as long as the bike runs i’ll learn to live with these defects.  i’ve taken my bike to the shop too many times now.


    I’ve got a new Svartpilen and the dealer filled it up. After 2 rides the tank was supposedly half empty? Went to the gas station but it was almost full. I put like 5 bucks in and filled it to the top. Then 5min later 2 bars were gone again. Is this normal?

    If the indicator is whack, how many km do I approximately get out of 1 tank? I’m a bit scared of finding out the hard way, being stuck on the highway.

    Please advise. And thank you.

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    Hi Shredworx,

    My gauge did the same, the fuel pump and sensor were replaced under warranty and works perfectly now.



    How many people got theirs replaced under warranty? The official service/dealer here said I’d have to pay for labour of them diagnosing it and then they could submit the issue to Husqvarna who would need to approve getting it replaced or fixed. Basically no way for me to get away without paying a couple hundred bucks for it, so now I do the math every time I re-fuel.

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