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    So I’m starting the bike and letting it warm up whilst I lid and glove up. I glance down to see the header glowing red as shown. Granted it was dark and with the flash on the camera didn’t pick it up.

    But, is this normal?


    Just the nature of super lean emissions tuning.


    This is due to a very lean mixture, this is stock (normal) but don’t let it idle like this for too long.

    Once you ride ,it cools down.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Just no, this is not due to a very lean mixture, and there’s nothing wrong with your bike if it does this. I got no idea where this urban myth comes from.

    A lot of bikes do this. I’ve had this on many many bikes since the mid 90’s. R1100GS, 4 different DR650SE, Ducati Scrambler, now my Vitpilen 701 etc. They all shared one thing: thin walled stainless steel headers.

    yes, this is normal.


    Well I’m gratified to know its normal at least, even if it feels somewhat worrying…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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