Exhaust Manifold starts Glowing within 1minute if you stop

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    Hi Folks,

    just bought a brand new Vitpilen 701 and was wondering if thats normal.

    Any hints or anyone with the same experience?



    Congrats and yes every new manifold does that


    Very normal, i got a shock myself when it happened but did some googling and all seems fine. Around town at night it glows and on the motorway it doesn’t, come of the motorway and go back to a slower speed and it will glow again.


    It isnt fine. Its because the bike runs so lean so as to pass emissions. It probably wont do any damage ( given basically ALL new bikes do the same), but it often causes hot engine running ( fuel has a cooling effect) and you might notice the fan is on quite a bit.

    These bikes are WAY better than KTM690’s of old with regard fuelling though.The old bikes tended to be very stuttery off idle and prone to stalling. I fitted a fuel dongle and removed the O2 sensor. Mine now runs cooler, that’s about the only tangible difference.

    With the stock fuelling, adding a full exhaust or cat delete and removing the airbox lid , without sorting the fuelling will lead to a much leaner condition.



    Fitted Kev’s O2 mod that improves low down fueling and increases the fuel mixture and the pipe glows exactly the same as it did when there was no O2 mod. Haven’t noticed any change in the bike running cooler and the bike has never gone over 4 bars with or without the mod. Thin walled exhaust doesn’t help and yes the bikes do run super lean to pass emissions but you would have to trust that even without the mods KTM know what they are doing and wouldn’t risk thousands of engine failures due to this. So yes it is absolutely fine.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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