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    After seeing the various frame slider/crash bung offerings from the more common aftermarket companies I wasn’t too impressed. They mostly looked like the big ugly cylindrical bungs that one sees on riding school bikes. I had already fitted the Husqvarna engine casing protectors but wanted something extra as I felt they didn’t offer the level of protection that the Yamaha ones on my MT-07 did. I came across Evotech-rc, not to be confused with Evotech Performance from the UK, Evotech-rc are an Italian company.

    I saw their ‘Anti-shock’ frame sliders for the Husky 401s and KTM 390s and I liked the look of them. So I ordered and fitted a set to my SP401:

    I found them to be very well made and smart pieces of kit, and not too noticeable or ugly when fitted. They seem to stick out far enough to hopefully be of some use if my bike ever goes down. There is a choice of colours available for the large central screw part, but in the end I chose the silver option.

    There were some not so great points too though:

    – They are expensive.

    – I could not complete my purchase using their website/online shop, so I had to contact them directly. I spoke to a very nice Italian lady whose English was impeccable and she said that the only thing I could do was to send them the money directly via Paypal. It was a bit of a leap of faith but I decided to try, and it worked out fine as a couple of weeks later they arrived to my door in the UK.

    – The instructions are not very good, and consisted of one exploded diagram page. The sliders are actually quite complex pieces of kit, with far more parts to them than one might think, including some very small grub screws. It’s all part of the ‘Anti-shock’ mechanism that each slider has. I eventually worked out how they went together, but there are no tightening torque figures provided, so I used values from similar fixings on other parts of the bike.

    All in all, I’m quite pleased with them and so far can recommend them. If my bike ever goes down I’ll report back on how effective they were, but hopefully this won’t ever happen.


    They blend in nicely and look good!


    I’ve never found that frame sliders look attractive unless they blend nicely with the lines of the bodywork. These don’t look too bad though and like you say, hopefully you’ll never have to find out if they work.


    I am also not a real big fan of frame sliders, feeling they often detract from the lines of the bike, and always kind of look ‘stuck on’.

    For my Svartpilen 401 I installed a set of Rizoma crash bars, which to my mind, look more like extensions of the frame:


    They were pretty straightforward to install, and are powder coated to match the original black frame in tone and sheen (although this is slightly off in tone, but basically unnoticeable to all but the most discerning eye). I also feel like they will go a long way toward protecting not only the exposed engine, but the really exposed radiator as well.



    those are great..what about weight do you feel a difference in corners?


    just ordered them as well today ,) didn’t saw this post before ..a bit chunky on true pics but hope its effective

    i added those oilfiller screw that looks mint 16*1.5mm not to
    mix up with the ignition check screw18*1.5mm
    that original on mine 2019er rust as hell and iam sick about refurbish that…
    but for this one i ordered the 2020 cover screw in black from husky …
    also got the hole motor screw set in black and the titanium for rear wheel

    … they say all torch values are same as original specs and they use 7075T6


    but i see the manual is quite meeeeeeh https://www.evotech-rc.de/media/15a54633836a4cb96a27efac415b8eca.pdf lol

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