European turns signals for a North America bike

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    Hi Guys ,
    I m looking to buy the Europe / rest of world EOM turns signals, being in Canada I have those ugly and bulky arrow shaped disgrace. While everywhere else the design of those looks really good.
    Being a total newbie I don’t feel comfortable to go through the process described by pioneer401 in his amazing thread.
    So I m looking for an ideal plug and play solution, that’s why I’m looking to buy the European version.
    After quite some time on google I couldn’t find those anywhere, maybe some of you know where I could purchased those. But I’m also totally open to other plug and play alternatives .

    Thanks a lot in advance !

    PS : finally first post after lurking at this great forum for quite some time !

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    Hey Guys ,
    I found how to get those !
    If anyone is interested …
    First you need to find the part numbers using this website :

    Then I ordered the part using this one :

    Hopefully that will work !
    I should know in few weeks.


    Please let us know if this works out! I am planning on being in Europe in a couple months and was planning on trying to get some turn indicators…but if this is a good work around I am definitely going this route!


    Hey , so finally got the package today !

    Didn’t order the bolts and washers ( maybe I should have ) but received the turn signals !
    And it looks like it s going to work , my bike is still in storage for the winter , likely going to get it in a month or so therefore I cannot tell 100%.
    But the turns signals looks legit and it s the proper connection plug …
    I would assume it s safe to follow the same process !
    I will post again once those are installed .


    These look way better than what we have in Canada. I’m wondering what was the shipping cost to mail it from the UK to Canada and if you paid duty for these.


    I know it’s only been a few days, but I’m eager to hear how this has worked out.

    I’m in NoCA and riding season is any day that it isn’t raining. 🙂

    Went for a 150mi ride yesterday, and still hate seeing that ugly amber glow…



    Looking forward to hearing how this goes!  I hate the stock signals but I’m not confident doing a big modification either.

    Edit: Wait, damn, I have a 2022 Vitpilen 401.  I wonder if the signals from a 2021 would even work.  That site doesn’t seem to be able to look them up.  I’m new to all this and have no idea.

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    Hey guys,

    So finally an update as I got my bike out of the storage yesterday.

    To answer the questions it was probably around $200 including shipping and import duty ($30).

    For the bolt those are M10 – 1.25

    So I tried to install those, plug is the same so no worries here and they are actually much brighter than the original one.

    BUT, I tried to put just one as a test and it was hyperflashing… Like twice as fast as it normally should.. :/

    So same issue as if it was aftermarket third party. It got me a little confused to be honest..

    I will do more research, but looks like I might need to change the relay as well. Which I wanted to avoid.

    Kinda disappointing


    Try all four  installed before purchasing relay.


    Hi, love to know how this turned out? Looking at buying the euro signals myself because the U.S. ones look so goofy. Did you get them installed? Any need for relays or resistors for hyper flashing or other issues?


    Hi, new poster here!

    I’ve been monitoring this thread, but decided to get a set and give them a try for myself because I think they look way better.

    tl;dr: The euro turn signals aren’t currently hyperflashing with all 4 installed. They did hyperflash with just 2 installed. I didn’t need to install the relay to fix it.

    Part order timeline:

    4/15: Ordered the front and rear signal sets from

    4/25: Emailed to ask if my parts had shipped

    4/26: Got email confirmation that my parts had shipped

    4/30ish (I forget exactly): Received parts

    I installed the rear 2 signals first and noticed that they were hyperflashing, so I went on Amazon and bought the relay to fix it before starting the front install. After installing the remaining (front) set of signals, the hyperflash went away without needing to install the relay.

    My theory is that there is some logic (either hardwired or in SW) that identifies LED vs Incandescent and regulates power output accordingly. The reason I think this: when I first plugged in the rear signals and tested them there was a single flash delay before the hyperflashing started, which I think was the bike testing the circuit.

    I hope this helps for everyone wondering!


    Thanks barkingbeetle! That’s great to know. It’s also great to hear that the parts came pretty quickly. I was worried when I saw on their site to ‘expect extremely long delays’ that it would take forever.


    Hi again, small update.

    I rode a few miles into town yesterday and the hyperflash started, so I’m going to install the relay tonight. Clearly my theory was wrong!

    I’ll update after install.


    That’s a bummer barkingbeetle, sorry to hear that. For what it’s worth I thought your theory sounded good and logical to me. Let us know which brand/model of relay you purchased and how it works out. Ordered my euro signals package yesterday. I wonder why they put those ugly blinkers on for the U.S. model in the first place? Annoying!


    OK I’m back with the install finished and things seem to be working well.

    I purchased this relay from amazon: Relay

    There is also the one linked in the other post about this install here but I figured amazon would be quicker and someone else reported that the amazon one worked.

    The only thing I want to mention in addition to the awesome installation post pioneer401 wrote up is some detail around the relay. I had to rewire the adapter so that the red wire on the adapter went to the brown wire from the 401, and the black adapter wire went to the orange 401 wire. I messed it up at first and the blinkers just stayed on, but after the switch everything worked.

    The new ones look way better, hope this helps!

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