engine rattle / clicky sound?

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    Finally had a chance to try to capture this sound a couple times.. it’s not the best example but the best I can describe it is that it’s a clicky rattle, and it’s mostly noticeable at low revs (possibly because it’s quiet enough), and either when i’ve let off the throttle (engine braking a bit) or when i have the clutch out. It’s the higher-pitched sound in the video.

    Has anyone else heard this?


    Not sure if I’m hearing the right sound but check the clamp tightness where your muffler joins the exhaust pipe…kinda sounds like an exhaust leak during engine breaking. Also check the head pipe/exhaust pipe joint.

    On a cold start, check the joints for leakage by physically grabbing the pipe at the joints.


    Mine seems to have a rattle that is mostly noticable at idle. Almost sounds like it’s coming from the top end of the motor. Haven’t been into the dealership yet to have them hear it.



    Did you resolve the problem?

    What it was the problem?

    I have the same noise! Give me your mail and I will you send My video from My vitpilen 401




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    Is your chain a little loose? IOW, has it stretched some?

    Was there any resolution to this?


    The solution was remplace timing chain tensioner


    Good morning, it is hard to tell 100%… but I think my Svartpilen 401 does the same thing. The noise is very noticeable when approaching a traffic light (3rd gear, 2nd gear) and roll off the throttle. If you roll on the throttle just a little bit it immediately goes away. I had my chain tension checked twice at 2 different places  in the last 3 weeks. I also had it cleaned and lubricated. The noise got significantly better for maybe a couple hours but then came back. It bugged me so much that I test drove the bike without wearing a helmet In order to be able to better locate where it is coming from. Without wearing a helmet it is a lot louder. Wonder what pedestrians hear and think when I am approaching a red light.


    I did record the noise on my bike. Hope the OneDrive link below will work. Especially between 0:07 – 0:10 you can hear it nicely. Chain lube will improve the situation but it comes back shortly after with increasing intensity. I drive my bike to work on a daily basis which is a ca. 60 mile commute. If I wanted to keep the noise to the minimum I would probably have to lube the chain every 2 – 3 days. So far I have been using “DuPont Teflon Chain Saver”. I just ordered “Motorex Road Strong Chain Lube” which is what Husqvarna recommends in the owners manual. I doubt that the results will be much different but I will give it a try. If my closest dealer would’t be 220 miles away I would have gone there already.

    Link: https://1drv.ms/v/s!Apc7Spv-Z_qWlvAi0hFI-3zgkB79TQ



    I’m a bit late to this topic, but it’s something we actually talked about in another topic, but in French haha : https://vitpilenforum.com/forums/topic/bruit-moteur/

    I’m not sure we’re talking about the exact same issue, especially because on the topic mentioned above we talk about 701 and not 401, but it does seem quite similar. Here is a little sum up of what we talked about to save you from having to translate and read everything:

    – The problem: low rpm “clicky” noise, sounding more or less like something clacking in an empty cavity inside the engine, appearing when turning the bike on while it’s hot/warm, or randomly when driving, or turning for a long time (in roundabouts for example). The noise doesn’t disappear the same way for everyone: some say that it goes away after shifting into 2nd or 3rd gear, some others say that it disappears when the rpm are higher, for me it goes away by itself after something like 30 seconds after appearing.

    – The solution(s): the noise actually comes from the distribution chain (not sure about this exact term in English), clacking because it’s not properly tensioned by the hydraulic tensioner. Nothing to worry about, but here are some ways to solve it: going from 10w50 to 10w60 oil will eliminate the noise from appearing randomly, but it will still be there when turning the bike on while it’s hot and disappear progressively (that’s what I and many others did and it does work). If you really want to completely get rid of the noise, you can change the “runners” (also not very sure about this term) that compress the chain, and if it doesn’t solve it, you might want to change the chain tensioner and the tensioner seals.

    I’m really sorry for this kinda poor translation, but I did my best and I hope that it will help! But don’t forget to keep in mind that this worked for the 701 engines, so it might not be the exact same problems and solutions for the 401.



    Hey Hugo! Thank you for jumping in and going through all the efforts in pulling and translating this information.

    I went to my Husqvarna dealer yesterday and had them look at it. They acknowledged the noise and confirmed that it is coming from the drive chain in the area of the fron sprocket. They checked all connections, springs,   brackets etc. and couldn’t find anything wrong. Also the motor was checked and everything has been declared as fine.

    So ultimately it might be the chain itself. They checked again the tension , made it a little bit tighter and lubed it. It is slightly better but still bothers me. They recommended to try changing the chain to a higher quality product, which I may consider at a later point in time.


    Hi John,

    It seems that there is a bit of a translation issue. Hugo is talking about the cam chain (not the final drive) which is internal and tensioned automatically. The French thread suggests changing the oil to 10W60 which helped reduce the noise on my 701. Search the issue on the KTM websites and you’ll find a good explanation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYlNLcIHYVk)



    @dish-john Have you checked the chain alignment? The front and rear sprockets should be perfectly in line with each other. You can check this by eye by looking along the length of the chain from the rear with the chain guard removed. Or buy a chain alignment checking tool from someone like Motion Pro. My dealer changed my chain on my 401 when I went to a larger rear sprocket (the stock chain was too short to accommodate the change), and they didn’t set the alignment properly, resulting in a noisy chain. I adjusted the alignment myself (using the rear axle chain tension adjusters) to bring the rear wheel parallel with the bike lengthways and hence setting the chain alignment up.


    Thanks for the correction @augerment, I’m so sorry for the confusion, I was indeed talking about the internal chain connecting the crankshaft to the camshaft. Gotta improve my motorcycle-related English…

    And then again, I don’t know if it’s gonna work for the 401!


    Hi Vanessa, my Husqvarna dealer checked the alignment yesterday. He said its perfectly aligned. To me the guy was pretty knowledgeable and an experienced mechanic. I don’t know what it is and if it could really just be the chain…

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