Engine / ECU shut downs?

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    Has anybody been able to start it back up by just letting off the clutch while it’s still rolling g?

    I have tried it when it dies while rolling in Second and the clutch pop doesn’t work… I figure the slipper clutch has something to do with it?

    Everyone at the intersection looks like “stupid fool should learn how to drive that thing…” and I’m like “c’mon starter… you can do it…before I get clipped…please”


    Hi all,

    I looked at a used 2020 Svart 401 today and the seller (private, not a dealer) mentioned the downshifting stall issue. He told me it happened only once, soon after he bought the bike, and never again. I’m not sure I completely trust this info though. So can you help me answer the following questions:

    1. Does the downshifting stall issue happening only once and disappearing without any intervention make sense to you?

    2. Is there a consensus on what needs to be done to fix it?

    3. Does anyone know the cost to fix this in case the bike is out of warranty? Is it an expensive thing?

    I really want a Svart 401 and there are not many in Arizona, but I don’t want to buy a headache since I’ll be riding this bike everyday to work.

    Thanks for the help!!!



    Purchased a used 2020 Vitpilen 401 with 554Miles on it this thing is in mint condition (FYI) the guy keep very good care of it whoever it was.

    On the first day ECU failure message came on (and shortly after riding, it went off) ; However i was really revving the bike and the computer is programmed to not allow a certain RPM to be achieved prior to its first service. That being said I hit the 600 Mile mark scheduled the service but continued to ride the bike.

    Service is set for tomorrow (Sunday 7.31.21) which is when they will reset the computer and allow me to really unlock the bikes potential.

    Problem is now the ECU Failure is continuously being shown on the screen (as of today when I started the bike) at about 750 miles. It cuts off the engine every now and again mid rid or even when first pulling off but i just start it back up.

    My Theory:

    1. – Is that the bike is having a hard time functioning at the rate of which I’m riding (because I haven’t received the first service) and has caused the computer to malfunction so after I get the service tomorrow that will allow me to ride it at full RPM and what not, It will be fully functional and the message will be gone.

    2. – After reading up on ECU’s I’m thinking maybe because it rained last night and i have the bike covered outside and then the heat of this morning created Humidity that maybe there’s some sort of water getting in there or corrosion of something…

    I’m really too inexperienced to know.. but it would be nice if someone could tell me I’m wrong or right. or even give there theory.


    opinion follows:

    fuel injection, on nearly any bike, will just die and shut off if the sensors think it’s necessary or issue a wrong command to the injector for some reason.    A weird shift can perhaps send a very low rpm signal to the computer that doesn’t match up with everything else going  on, and perhaps the system sort of “can’t compute” and it sends an inappropriate signal and it then the engine shuts off due to not enough fuel or no fuel injected at all (is my guess).

    Call it a problem when you know you’re shifting smooth and accelerating at a pace faster than stop and go traffic (which often triggers shut downs in fuel injection systems).  my motto guzzi sport 1100i had terrible stalling problems and left me stranded in busy intersections just simply making a turn onto a highway or road.  this was a genuine problem.   my svarti 401 has died, but it has been only just coming off idle at a blip, right before i accelerate from a stop.  i just blame my own input to the throttle “the “blip”” and closing the throttle yet letting clutch out in a manner not smooth.


    fuel injection just gonna die from time to time when we send the system a bunch of weird signals.  On a warmed up bike, a carb just much more likely keeps going while the engine piston moves up and down, but fuel injection is trying to do three or four different  things through one hole where a carb gets two or three holes to keep things going no matter what.    there gotta be other folks out there with more informed opinions and better description than how I just put it   🙂


    the fuel injection system is a busy thing.  i have given up trying to “fix” very occasional stalling problem, and just consider them endemic to the beast


    in crucial merging situations, riding a fuel injected bike aggressively and smartly  almost guarantees it won’t die.  being pensive with the controls, or hesitant will yield more stalls.


    I’ve said it before on this forum, these bikes are just poorly engineered. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with fuel injection systems, my Honda, Yamaha and Harley Davidson bikes all have fuel injection, and none of them randomly stall or display erroneous failures. Whereas these KTM derived machines are just poorly executed from a quality perspective. The engineers responsible failed to carry out a comprehensive FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) on the bike’s systems. Or they simply skimped on the actions output from it, solely to save money and speed up development time.

    My Svartpilen 401 (2019) displays failure messages every now and then, which then disappear again all by themselves. And my bike also stalls out every now and then too. And it even has a Rekluse clutch which should mean it’s impossible to stall. It’s my belief that owners of these bikes have to either suck up these issues and live with them, or get rid of the bike. For me, the upsides of ownership like the looks, amazing handling, light weight and fun factor pretty much balance out the downsides of poor quality.


    Hi…in my case the issue was because of battery.Pats just checks the key on fire up, not while the vehicle is running. additionally it impairs the starter and fuel siphon.

    I would check you battery, have it load tried. check all the battery links and search for indications of dissolving, harm wires, and so forth I profoundly question the pcm would close the motor down while running. seems like there is an electrical issue some place.

    AvatarZach S

    I have a 2020 701 and am having the same engine cut off when decelerating. It’s definitely a safety issue. I ride my daughter to school on the back of my bike daily and it’s cut out once while she was a passenger. I’ve been able to blip the clutch to restart the bike once and then twice I had to hit the starter button. just hit 1000 miles.

    I don’t have a clutch cable on my 2020 model. It has a hydraulic clutch as seen in this image.  https://www.authentic-spirit.com/6678-tm_thickbox_default/husqvarna-vitpilen-701-2021.jpg

    I always put the highest quality and octane fuel in the bike.

    I’m going to replace the battery with a lipo. If that doesn’t fix it then I’ll have the dealer look at the ignition sensor.

    HOWEVER I absolutely LOVE my Vipilen 701. It could randomly burst into flames and I’d probably still love it. I’ve owned 34 motorcycles and this is one my favorites by far. In fact I don’t think I’ll ever sell it.

    Zach Settewongse

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