Engine / ECU shut downs?

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    Hey all,

    thought I’d close it out by saying the Husky fixed the fault by upping me to the 701.

    I know this thread is old but thought I’d give it some closure. From what I gather there has been more than one reason and nothing isolated.


    All the best!





    I’m having persistent issues with my 401 and considered asking the dealer to upgrade to a 701 as well. Would you mind sharing if they cut you some sort of special deal or did you have to pay the full difference + fees?

    If my dealer doesn’t fix the problem soon I’m considering just trading the bike in and never buying a Husky again.



    and for anyone else looking at this these are just the series of events in shorthand/abridged:


    I was never told to sign a Non-Disclosure (I have known several others from different Makes that have told people I know to sign an NDA to not discuss this)  so I guess I can spill the beans. Long story short, my bike has had the bike sent in for the same “issue” 3 times.

    1. First time it went in they gave it a “once over” and couldn’t find fault. I wasn’t too happy as the cutting out frightened me a little but took it on the chin and thought that, them plugging into the ecu to find “fault and try reboot” it maybe did something (I don’t know much about the canbus and ecu’s but gave them the benefit of the doubt). But that didn’t fix it.

    2. Second time I got video footage (GoPro) of it cutting out and so I sent it back saying I didn’t want to hop on until something got changed physically. Which they did – to be purposely vague (they might be listening) it had to do with the ignition side of things. Either way, it didn’t matter, I did just over two hundred kms before it happened again (mind you I thoroughly thought the issue had been fixed because I’d gone a good distance without it cutting out) although I always turned and played the scenario as if it was gonna turn off. And it did. Back to the dealership it goes.

    3. By this time I will need to mention that the bike has literally spent more time at the dealership workshop than in my garage (3 months old and spent almost 8+weeks in their workshop). I demanded a refund, full money back, for this third time that it has gone in. In full. I didn’t trust the brand/bike. In doing so I CC’ed and included everyone who I thought would have a say or input on this. Head office, servicing personnel/department, principal at the dealership and even KTM arm of the business (parent company) etc. the list was

    I wasn’t seeking the problem to be ‘fixed’. I wanted the cash, I didn’t care if it’s a direct swap for another new bike + accessories. No dollar amount in parts at that point that would sway me. The stories on this forum were true, it happened more often than most would like to admit. Myself included, even after biting the bullet and getting the bike full knowing this may have been an issue.

    A spokesperson for both dealership and Husky reached out immediately the next day, and said they would push for the cash refund and see what they can do in the meantime. The dealership was working out between themselves and head office, who had to fork out the money, wasn’t a matter off will it happen but when. Dealership also then called and said they would do whatever they can for me and push the refund, take the bike in and send it to head office to let them reimburse the dealership and do a case study (truly exceptional service I thought at that point, with the speed everyone has gotten back to me at).

    I received a call the next day from said, spokesperson. “Hi, we got the cash refund which we can be sorted whenever you are free to come in and do the paperwork, or we could make you a deal for the 701”. “How much?” I asked, assuming that he would cut me a deal and a good price, so I’d only need to come out of pocket $1,000-$2,000 (mind you the 701 was still $6,000 dearer at the time)

    “Nothing. Just drop your bike here, or we can come collect it, since you don’t feel it is safe to ride. But, you will have to come in to collect the 701, there’s nothing else to it” the spokesperson simply said. Brand new bike. 4kms on the clock with warranty.

    I was sold. I went in that weekend and collected my bike, signed a form to say I now own the 701 and that was it. For some reason, I still own the other bike when I check my account and papers with the government. Which I honestly don’t mind. Lest they didn’t sell the bike to some other poor bastard, that might tip over and cause an accident, so kudos to them.


    Hope this helps and best of luck!




    To add to the discussion, I have a 2019 svart 401… I have put almost 600 miles on it and have had issues with the bike stalling since the second day I rode it. At first the issues were just related to downshifting when really riding hard. Then I started noticing no matter how gingerly I rode the bike it would still stall out when downshifting sometimes. Now I have somewhat figured out how to ride with less engine breaking and quick downshifting and the issue has gotten better. However, recently the bike has started stalling VERY frequently just while sitting at stop lights with the clutch pulled…. the second that I go to roll on the throttle, open the clutch , and pull away from the stop light , the engine stalls. It seems to be happening more and more recently. I have been suffering through the first 600 miles or so before I take it in for the first service.

    I have sent several emails to the dealership owner to let him know what is going on. If this is not fixed after the first service then I will be starting to get pretty upset. The bike is such a blast to ride, but at an almost Ducati price point, it is ridiculous that so many of these bikes have this issue.


    Happened to me for the first time today.  I was downshifting and had the clutch in and the motor stopped. Was able to thumb the starter back on right away, but it’s extremely disconcerting to have the engine stop when I’m in the middle of traffic.  Literally, in my case, as I was splitting lanes at the time.

    Just had the first service done and I have about 750 miles on the odo right now.

    If anyone from KTM/Husqvarna is reading/listening, you better get on this before the class action suit.  At best this will kill the resale value and at worst it will kill your customers.


    my svartpilen 401  just recently acted as though the starter relay had gone bad. I took it into my local BMW shop to let them take a look at it since my Husqvarna dealer is 200 miles away. It started right up when I tried to show them how it wouldn’t work. So, I called my Husqvarna dealer and had them order me an extra  starter relay. I’m going to carry one on the bike, and I’m going to learn how to short out the relay on the bike in case I need to do that too.


    I am pretty sure it is the starter relay because it just gives you that click, and then the starter does not engage at all, you just get that click and then absolutely nothing. It’s typical of a faulty starter relay.

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