Engine Died Mid-Ride

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    Hey everyone,

    I took ownership of a brand new vit 401 last week (0 miles) and have experienced the engine dying on me 3 times already while riding. The first time was actually on the way home from the dealer, I was down-shifting going about 40mph and the engine cut out. I had to coast to the side of the road and luckily the engine started back up again.

    The most recent incident was yesterday. I was on 1st gear and holding in the clutch as I was rolling to a stop sign. The engine died right as I got to the stop sign (with the clutch disengaged). I called the Husqvarna dealer and they claimed to have never heard of this issue before.

    Has anyone experienced this on a brand new vit?




    So based on my research and info I’ve heard talked about from 390 riders the bike is tuned EXTREMELY Lean from the factory for emissions reasons .

    It suffers from basically having its light blown out (spark) cure is a tune that gets more fuel in there.

    I have it happen to me after riding a little hard and approaching a light and not rev matching. You should not have to rev match to stop at a light btw.

    Anyway MY plan is to de-cat exhaust and tune and it will be good to go. So don’t fret nothing is wrong (sorta) and when you notice it happen just clutch in and hit the starter button while you roll . oh and light tap to your brakes so people will react to you slowing.




    Thanks for the reply. I didn’t think to check the 390 forums on this issue so thanks for the feedback.

    I’d like to believe the de-cat and tune will fix it but I’m hesitant to drop the $500+ for an ECU if it doesnt fix it. Also will the ECU void the warranty?


    Darn. this seems like something that the manufacture should be taking care of. now that i think about it this instance has happened to me a couple times  but i was here assuming it was user failure…  clutch in and hitting the starter got the bike up and going again

    kinda a bummer i have the 2019 model  and it doesn’t seem like they did anything different from the 2018 models


    Hey guys, new 2021 Svart 401 picked up last week. 150km on the clock, happened about 7 or so times.

    Anyone that have done Coober ECU and fixed it? Think I may consider that, and then decat after warranty period.

    Apart from checking the following what else is there to try?

    • Side Stand Switch
    • Clutch Cable Adjustment
    • Not filling up to full
    • Dash replacement
    • ECU Reset

    Any of the above that specifically saw best results?

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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