Engine died mid ride; couldn't get it to start again. Or starts then dies again.

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    Easy peasy. Now we all know not to top it off. Thanks for the update.


    If this is the cause of all the reports on this forum from engines that die… OMG easy solution!

    Thanks for sharing guys!!


    Just had this happen to me, kept trying to start, finally got it going, rode a short distance, and then another stall out. Started again and finally got it to stay running. Rode another 60 miles with no issues. I had just filled the tank to its absolute max. Glad to get some insight…overfilled tank!

    rod frostrod frost

    So how far up do you fill the tank? It has that strange brace on the inside top of the tank… I notice the fuel gauge never shows Full either.


    I might let my dealership know this. When I bought my bike they had topped it up til it was just about spilling.

    I’ve never had an issue but i’ll avoid overfilling now. Just wish we had a bigger tank!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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