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    I read a thread with someone who was able to replicate this issue i cant for the life of me find it.. i remember reading it had something to do with a rev-matching issue. i will keep looking see if i can find it.


    I had the same issue also in the first weeks of riding my 401. But once read online that it could be caused by overfueling the tank, I stopped filling it in upright position to not reach that metal cross. From that day on never had that issue again. But anyway very odd for a new bike with such a small tank, to not be able of fill up max… Would be great to have a fix for that from Husqvarna.

    Maybe we can start a small petition – everyone that has the same issue can send me his bike ID and I could send an email to the austrian headquarter and if necessary I would call them(I am german, so thats no problem)…just an idea


    I have an update to share on mine.  I had first experienced this condition once back in around about October, then hadn’t ridden much after due to weather, maybe another 50 miles or so, but it never did it again.  In the last month the weather’s come back around, so I’ve been riding exclusively the last few weeks, and last weekend I was out and it did it again.  Now, I had just recently brimmed the tank, and I see several people saying that may be the culprit.  It did the standard shut down when stopping, long crank as if flooded, then would finally re-fire but only run if you revved the hell out of it.  If allowed to come back to idle it would settle down to normal for about 3-5 seconds, then stumble and shut off.  Wash, rinse, repeat, a half dozen times or so.  Thinking it was the tank issue I opened the filler cap to see if that changed anything, it did not.  After pushing it to my destination as I was a few hundred feet shy, I parked the bike, let it sit for 20-30 minutes, came back to it, fired right up and ran fine the rest of the day.  Still at a total loss as to why this happened.   However, there’s a bit more to the story now, as just yesterday my bike went in for it’s initial break-in service, (yeah I know i don’t ride much) and of course I mentioned this issue to the service department.  A tech started to tell me that they’ve seen this on several bikes, but then his boss shut him down so I’m afraid I didn’t get any answers, although at least this one dealer seems to be aware on some level that this is happening.  Fast forward to picking the bike up from service, and although the shop that did the work didn’t specifically mention it, my bike definitely got some kind of ECM re-flash/tune, as it runs WAY differently now.  It takes a much longer time for the bike to settle back to idle when you release the throttle, and almost seems to kind of “hang” at RPM between gears.  Unfortunately my local dealer isn’t exactly a great place, they definitely aren’t terribly transparent in terms of their knowledge of issues like this, so let’s just hope that they quietly fixed the issue.  I will update in a hundred miles or so, wish me luck!


    Hi everyone,

    I have been owning a Vitpilen 401 since October 2018. I love riding this bike, its really fun and nervous. Yet, as many on this forum I have encountered this worrying shutdown problem. For 3-4 times over the past year and a half, I was riding, not changing gear and the engine died while riding. It somehow took me 20-30 minutes of restarting a few times, sending high rpms, moving the bike to allow the gas to move  (i dont know if this works…). After that, the bike works perfectly fine.

    This kind of scary situation happened after a filled the gasoline tank to its maximum AND took the bike out from my underground parking with a steep incline recently (less than 10 kms) after I filled the tank.

    My guess, after discussions with Husky dealer is that the tank gets airlocked due to gas filling the air conduct allowing the tank not to be airlocked. In my opininion, the gas is filling the air conduct because both of the overfilling and the steep incline of my underground parking.

    Therefore, I will stop overfilling my tank. I will update this thread to let people know if I have had any further issues after this.

    Safe and fun ride to you all!

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