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    Hi Fellows riders !

    I just wanted to know if some of you manage to get the map for decat bike ? (usually called : akra map).

    Apparently only KTM store can load it ? ( from my Husqvarna dealer)

    I plan to do the remap and add a power commander after.

    I’ll keep you updated on performance gains if i manage to do it !

    Enjoy your ride !


    no akra map for the 401.


    Yes saddly.

    I went for a Power commander 5 with a map made by a tunner. I was very happy at start (5 hp gains with mivv pipe, sotck muffler,DNA air filter), but the ecu fight back and finally cancel a part of the gains…

    To get rid of this, i plan to install the hard racing WBC2 (+ the custom air box)



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    rod frost

    I was going to pick up this Piggyback ECU for my 390 Duke :   ( I ‘m running a open airbox with a DNA filter).

    Hadn’t thought about it on the 401…


    Hi jeanfons.

    I also have been working on getting more power from my 401 and have had the same problems.  The higher flow airbox mods give you more mid to top end power but will hurt the bottom end a bit. You will need to chaing the gearing. This helps but does not fully fix the problem. I have been doing some testing on 17 390 duke and the 401 with different  exhaust a found that most of them have to much volume and kill low end power a bit.  Most  mid pipes are out of 2” tubing an sould be a bit smaller to get some more back pressure. I know this now because i put a reducer sleeve in side my mid pipe take up some volume and it made a big difference in the low end. Its not perfect but way better all the way through the power curve. I think the next step for me is to build my own exhaust.


    @ Rod Frost : The 2017 390 and the Vit are almost the same bike. So you can install parts for the 390 on the Vit.

    I’m 99.9% sure the power tronic will work on the Vit.

    @ Vp-1 : It’s great to see a dedicated specialist here 🙂 ! I was aware of the loss at low revs but i’m (still) hoping that the overall gain worth it :-).

    For the gearing, i think the 15*45 is already a bit short.  I plan to go for a 16*43, i know i’ll have to use the clutch in 1st but the 6th is definitely too short for my crusing speed during long trip. ( i’d like to lower the rpm by 1000 at the same speed)

    To cover the loss of the air box, i hope that the control of the cloosed loop will give me the “sensation” of torque by running the correct AFR when i’m not full gazz ( tipically a town situation).

    I also study the possibility of installing a non o-ring chain with a chain oiler. I think there are some noticables gains here, especially on small engine like us (I love this one at 1.10 min : (a non O-ring chain is also lighter 😉 )

    If you do a custom pipe, i’m naturally interested, don’t hesitate to share it here  :). I’d love to know how to do that by myself !




    Bonjour Jeanfons, j’ai lu votre commentaire dans lequel vous parlez de votre ecu qui ” riposte ” qu’entendez vous par la ? J’hésite à acheter un power commander 5 … Mais j’ai pris peur après vous avoir lu.


    Merci d’avance

    Hello Jeanfons, I read your comment in which you speak of your ecu which “retorts” what do you mean by it? I hesitate to buy a power commander 5 … But I got scared after reading you.

    thank you in advance






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