Easy Shift Stuck?

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    Svartpilen 701 with 1100 miles showed check engine light leaving work today. Nothing looked or sounded out of the ordinary until I tried to use the easy shift. It would not budge. the shift lever feels very stiff. Clutch lever works fine. The shift lever still feels stiffer and less clicky or responsive but at least I could get home. Verified all the fluids were at the right level. Only noticed some oil around the shift lever where it goes into the engine all around the oil cap. The oil on the surface looked filthy and it doesnt look like a leak, it could be from the chain as well but im not sure. Does this mean i need the oberon mod? I just bought the bike with 900 miles and had no issues. I’ve only been riding for a week. I’m mindful of not resting my feet on the shift lever and i only engine break where i dont surpass 5-6k rpm when im dropping to 4-3k or less rpm in current gear.

    tl;dr: easy shift/quick shift only works downshifting and is stuck for upshifting. Have to engage clutch to shift and it still feels stiff.


    This is not a slave cylinder issue .might have to visit the dealership.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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