Dynojet Power Commander V

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    Just installed yesterday. Has existing maps for different configurations including LeoVince De-cat w/ airbox lid removed.

    Noticeable power gain and MUCH smoother at lower RPM’s

    Easy to install piggyback system. Will post Dyno results after the COVID shit is done.


    Sweet NH……….. where’d you place it? Any install suggestions?


    Under seat install and route it along the left hand side of the air box. The unit fits right under the stock battery holder. Easy install once the tank is removed.


    I noticed on the Dynojet website it says “European model” for the different maps, is there a difference in tuning for US/ European and should I stay clear of it if I have a US model?


    Don’t think it matters. Mine is a US model. Unit definitely works, much smoother in all RPM ranges and obvious power increase. The device isn’t locked so you can have it tuned by someone who knows what they are doing(not me)


    Do you have any exhaust mods done with the Commander?


    Yes, Leovince decat pipe and the airbox lid has been removed.

    On a side not after some miles post power commander – it seems the quick shifter isn’t as smooth as before, it takes a little more effort from the foot to complete the shifts.

    Can only imagine once my Friend tunes it properly on a dyno machine that will be resolved.

    Also, wheelies are effortless now!

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    So you have this tune installed: “23-017-503
    European model, LeoVince decat headpipe, Stock muffler, Stock air filter, airbox lid removed”




    On a side not after some miles post power commander – it seems the quick shifter isn’t as smooth as before, it takes a little more effort from the foot to complete the shifts.

    I‘ve been running a pcv with that same map and the Leo Vince link pipe for a while now and personally haven’t noticed anything different with the qs.


    Good morning all !


    I read this page before purchasing a power commander 5.




    But I’m still looking for clarification.


    I read in a testimonial that one of the maps provided with the pcv was pretty good!


    Here is my question:


    I live in France and do not have professionals who can adjust this pcv properly near my home …


    But I still have a decata … I would like to know if according to your experiences, it is interesting for me to order this Pcv without having anyone to regulate it, and if the provided map of which you speak above is really effective? Good ?


    If you had the opportunity to have this adjusted on the dyno in the meantime, have you seen a big difference? Or only minimal? Thank you in advance and V to all!

    Bonjour à tous !

    J’ai pris connaissance de cette page avant d’acquérir un power commander 5.


    Mais je suis toujours à la recherche de précisions.

    J’ai lu dans un témoignage qu’une des map fournie avec le pcv était plutôt bonne !

    Voici ma question :

    Je vis en France et ne dispose pas de professionnels pouvant régler ce pcv comme il faut près de chez moi …

    Mais j’ai quand même un decata … J’aimerais savoir si selon vos expériences, il est intéressant pour moi de commander ce Pcv sans avoir personne pour le régler, et si la map fournie dont vous parlez plus haut et vraiment efficace ?

    Si vous avez eu l’occasion de faire régler ça sur banc de puissance entre temps, avez vous vu une grande différence ? Ou seulement minime ? Merci d’avance et V à tous !


    David BrazilDavid Brazil


    Yes, I believe the maps that you can download from the Dynotune website are useable. They have at least 4 that are bike and accessory specific and seem to not be bad.

    I purchased my PCV from a group that already had some info on dyno tune and they preset my PCV accordingly. But since that time, I have modified that tune. You can as well. It is not difficult to do if you have a laptop.

    In short, yes, order one and download and install the appropriate map. It makes a difference.

    Good luck.

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