Duke 690 Wheels, Exhaust, and Crash Bars on Vitpilen 701

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    I love the spoked wheels on my 2020 but I wanted something a but lighter (don’t like the 5 spoke aluminum wheels on the Vitpilen), so I purchased a set of 2017 690 Duke wheels to put on.

    I checked and cross-referenced part numbers to take a guess if they would fit. They most certainly do but you have to use associated brake and cushion drive parts in order for it to bolt up with no issues.

    Currently the front is mounted (waiting on new brake disc and I already have the ABS tone ring (the diameter and gap spacing is identical to the Vitpilen, just the bolt pattern is different). I forgot that I needed to order the cushion drive so I am waiting on that and I also ordered a Duke rear axle because I will never again use the weird rear plate mount.

    Here is the front mounted

    For the Crash bars, everything bolts up just fine. The only issue is the horn and mount bracket are in the way, once removed everything is neat and tidy. The fuse box is in the way when installing the bars but after e everything is tightened it slips back into its orignal position. Currently trying to find out where the Duke 690 horn mounts on the bike. If I can get a factory piece that will just bolt  up all issues will be solved.

    Right side

    Fuse box (rubber is slightly squished but the mount but is still sealed 100%)

    Left side

    Horn mount location

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I also removed the entire exhaust to prepare for the Duke exhaust I have coming this week. Since the frames are pretty much identical (and the exhaust mount locations too) I took a gamble and ordered the Remus Underfloor Exhaust.</p>

    I will take more pictures as I get things put together. I have also been weighing everything so I can provide numbers after everything is finished.

    If you have any questions, ideas, or input, let me know!



    Nice! want to do under mount exhaust on my svartpilen too.



    Thanks for the share, the wheels look good in the photos so far! The crash bars look to fit quite neat as well.

    Looking forward to seeing the rear wheel on and photos showing the entire bike/setup 🙂


    Nice work man. Post some wider shots once you get the rear sorted.


    What is the weight of those 690 wheels?


    Great mod Squirrel ! Looking forward to see the result. I actually thought the same about the wheels, I liked more the 690 one. 


    Anxious to see the difference in weight between the wheels.

    I also put a Duke 690 exhaust on mine.


    Nice one! I’ve been contemplating those 690 wheels, but I can’t find the weight anywhere. If they are lighter than the stock 5 spokes, it could be worthwhile to pick up a second hand set.

    Could you please put them on a scale and post the weight here!


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>New brake rotors showed up today, I was able to completely mount the front wheel. I also swapped out the stock pads for Brembo SA pads. Weight difference up front is pretty substantial: Stock spoked wheel w/ Bridgestone S21, stock brake rotor weighed in at 23.6 -24.8 lbs (my scale is not that great apparently). 690 Duke wheel w/ Continental Sport Attack 3 and EBC MD856XC weighed in at 21.2. Weight savings at minimum is 2.4lbs or possibly 3.6 (if my scale was right).</p>

    All mounted up, will get full photos once I receive the rest of my parts.


    You looking to get rid of the spoked set by any chance?? :D:D


    Looking for a set, but don’t have the deep pockets they currently offer themselves for hahaha


    I have that Remus on my 2014 690 Duke.  I like it a lot, without the baffle it is insanely loud.  I went with the Leo Vince on my 2020 Vitpilen and it is very tame sounding.


    Nope, not getting rid of the spoked wheelset. I usually keep all stock parts just in case.


    JaysGarage, mind snapping a pic of where the horn mounts on the Duke? Trying to find a workaround for the horn on the Vitpilen.


    Hi jays garage,do you have any pics of the exhaust on the bike I’d would love to see what it looks like


    Finally received the remaining parts, have everything mounted now! Stock rear wheel weighed in at 33.6 lbs, Duke wheel with Supersprox 42T weighed in at 31.4. Very happy with the look and drop in rotational weight.

    Remus underfloor exhaust went on with ZERO issues, love the sound! The 15T/42T sprockets make all the difference in the world, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    Only issue I am chasing now is a slight squeak in the front and it looks like my abs sensor is slightly too close to the tone ring…..will need to investigate further.





    Sweet mods!


    Looks mint mate. That exhaust is sexy, is that a new header? I have considered those 690 crash bars several times but 8lbs is too much for me.

    Btw… are you running pink levers?

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