Dropping coolant levels

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    This forum has been a great wealth of knowledge and after almost 10 k km clocked, figured that I’d join as I have some questions about the bike..


    So I brought it to the dealer’s for an oil change at 7000+ km and requested to check the coolant level. Surprised to find that the coolant level in the expansion tank was way below minimum. No warning lights whatsoever. Told to observe.


    Performed a random fluid check at 9000+ kms and found coolant level at minimum. Returned to dealer, topped up for free. Was told by the mechanic that coolant levels should stabilize after crossing 10000km, failing which they would be able to determine if there is a bigger problem at hand just by looking at the oil filter during the next oil change.


    Just find it a little disconcerting for coolant levels to drop at this rate. Given yes, it is a high compression engine that runs hot but does anyone here face similar issues? Would anyone be able to speculate on the cause?


    First oil change was performed at the equivalent of 1000mi (~1600km) and during then, coolant levels were not checked. Oil does not show any sign of coolant mixing to date.

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