Does Decat need ECU Remapping?

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    Hi, I was looking to put a Decat on my svart. But was wondering if it needs remapping of the ECU?


    Negative no remap required.



    I was wondering the same. I did the decat as well and some ppl say that they run lean from the factory. With the higher air flow, it could be bad for the bike in the long run. Some suggest an air filter and power commander to get the most out of it.


    is there any more definitive response to this question? i just did decat as well and coober rep has instilled the fear of god in me stating I’m gonna blow up my motor. (im exaggerating). any input from experience appreciated.

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    OK, so you’ve asked this question a few times in different threads now.

    Let’s think logically, a free-er flowing exhaust with no cat will promote higher port scavenging. At lower throttle openings the intake port velocity is increased anyway, but less low rpm exhaust back pressure will mean potentially lower torque ptoduced because of some lost mixture in the cylinder. But this is mitigated slightly by the lesser effects of valve overlap at lower rpms.

    At higher rpms on a high-revving engine such as this, valve overlap is used to promote good gas flow. So if you reduce exhaust back pressure and hence increase port scavenging, at high rpm with valve overlap, you’ll lose power unless you can adjust the fuelling and ideally ignition timing to take advantage of the free flowing exhaust you’ve just created. So a tunable ECU will help in this situation. Otherwise you’re just creating more noise and missing out on extra power potential. Stock ECU can only do so much on it’s own.

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