DIY Front turn signal install procedure, hyperflash relay fix

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    Hey yall i just made a pretty killer DIY tail tidy for under 30bucks from amazon i am here in the US i actually made a video on how i did it. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


    sorry guys…. wrong group but still check it out if interested


    Thank you again for the awesome writeup! The relay fix works great with the little LED indicators I put in the back!


    @Luwys007, thanks for posting the video. I have to admit I skipped most of the fabrication parts as I’m just interested in replacing the signals, but I’ll leave them in the stock location. But the part showing how the license plate assembly comes apart will be very helpful when I do this this weekend.

    Edit to add: @pioneer401, thanks for posting the write up with pictures, too. I ordered the same relay and I would not have figured out how to do this without your write up.

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    I installed my LED indicators on the rear, in the stock location, and installed the relay as well.  I used these:

    I had them on my old bike as well, and they are very reasonably priced, bright, and have been reliable for me.  They did not fit in the stock location without modification; specifically, the base needed to be milled down. I used a bench grinder but a belt sander would also work. Hand sanding might work if you have a couple of hours…

    Had a couple thoughts.

    1. What the hell was KTM thinking releasing these sweet bikes with these incandescent, fugly abominations installed (in the US)? To boot, the left rear indicator’s “head” kept popping off and would not go back on for the life of me.

    Regarding relay installation:

    2. @pioneer401 says ” There are three components like this in a triangle arrangement within the opening in the frame.”  I found it easier to remove the V-shaped plastic cover after I’d taken the first of these components off of its metal tab.

    3. Also, as noted, “The CustomLED ELFR-1 pins are not in the correct positons for the Vitpilen 401 wiring harness so it is necessary to move the pins positions on the ELFR-1 to match the wiring harness.” This equates to Red to Brown and Black to Orange. I moved the red pin in the ELFR-1 from its original location on the “left” side to the “right” side, and the black pin to the “left” side. Orientations are with the locking tab facing up.


    4. Finally, the ELFR-1 compatibility page says “ELFR-1 locking tab must be removed to be plug-and-play compatible.  The OEM connector is a 2-position, whereas ours is 3-position connector with only 2-pins populated.  The pins will align, but the tab is mis-aligned thus requiring removal.”

    This did not match with my observation. After the pins were relocated, the connector fit perfectly with the OEM connector. However, there is a mounting tab on the relay that I had to remove in order to get the rubber boot on it. I used a hacksaw and a file to round the corners, and the ELFR-1 is slightly larger than the OEM unit so the rubber boot doesn’t fit as neatly.

    Thanks to all that have posted, made it a lot easier.


    @reason no problem man glad it helped i actually just recently posted a video installing some LED turn signals. ill provide the link it was strange installed these LED indicators i had no hyper flash issues i was a bit surprised but kinda just went with it lol anyone know why this happened ?


    Here in Europe we have a different relay, 3-pin. Looks complety different.

    Wonder why?

    I’m an electrician but I totaly hate working on 12 volts systems.


    Nice thread. Stickied.  👍


    @Luwys007, I used the video you posted on YouTube and the exact same tail tidy as you on my Svart, it turned out great! Surprisingly high quality for the cost!




    Used your guide to install new front signals (the bike masters you can get on the shop here) and everything turned out great! Didn’t notice hyperflash, so didn’t bother swapping the relay.

    Couple things to add –

    1. Are the wrench sizes correct? It seems they might be flipped in your guide? I also might have them labeled wrong, being harbor freight you never know….

    2. I cut the stock lights  and used the wire plug. As others have noted, its black to red and brown to black. I used heat shrink sauder tubes on each wire, and then heat shrink around both wires to make everything watertight.

    3. IF you do what I did, beware – the washer and nut are too small to fit OVER the wire plug, so make sure you stick them on before you connecting the wiring together. You also need to stick the wiring through the mounting hole before attaching the wires. Annoying, but turned out nice and waterproof

    4. I dumped the extenders and just attached the signals directly to the wiring cover, which keeps them close to the to the headlight. The LED are way brighter, so still works nice. I filled the small alignment hole with a drop of silicone to waterproof it, and you can’t see anything.

    5. i didn’t take pictures of the process, as it was getting dark.

    6. When you remove the headlight and bracket, take out the bottom 2 bolts first other wise the headlight will slam down

    Overall, I’d give this a 4/10 for difficulty, with the worst part being getting the bolts out from behind the headlight without dropping it. It’s straight forward if you take your time. Good call on the towel wrap

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    Comparison to the old lights


    Just finished installing new LED signals. This guide was helpful in that it gave me the starting point for the relay needed to get the lights to NOT Hyperflash. Just wanted to clear up a issue or error I ran into. May apply to some others. This is regarding a US 2019 Vitpilen 401.

    The location for the signal flasher relay is NOT on the riders lefthand side. There is still the triangular arrangement of relays under the cover just in front and under the tank. My relay for the signals was definitely on the right-hand rear position. I ordered a the same relay most everyone has been using, however mine didn’t come with the OEM connector. So I just soldered on to small flat connectors and they pushed right into the factory harness. Taped it up right and it’s working perfect!


    Has anyone tried using a Rizoma turn signal cable kit?

    I know it will cost extra money but I guess this could be a good option for some people who don’t want to cut stock wires…


    Anyone know if this is the same for the 701?

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