DIY Front turn signal install procedure, hyperflash relay fix

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    There’s a lot of partial info out there about turn signals, hyper flash issues, etc. so I documented my DIY install procedure as a reference that might be helpful to others. I am not getting any compensation for this write-up, I chose these specific products because I liked them and paid normal price. This should work for the Svartpilen as well, anyone who tries it, please reply! Good luck

    2018 Vitpilen 401 (US Spec) – New Rage Cycles front turn signal install, CustomLED ELFR-1 relay


    • M5, M13 open ended wrenches
    • T20, T25 Torx hex bits/drivers
    • Small Phillips screwdriver

    Turn Signal Install Procedure:

    1. Remove (2) T20 torx screws above the headlight and (2) T20 torx screws below and to the rear of the headlight, accessible behind the forks.

    2. Pull forward the headlight/instrument assembly. It will tilt forward and out of the way. Consider wrapping the assembly in a towel to prevent scratches to the lens or instruments.

    3. Remove (9) T25 torx screws holding the front half of the electrical system box cover


    4. With electrical system box cover lifted away, (2) M13 nuts are exposed to remove the stock turn signals. The two electrical connections are tucked back and routed through the housing, unplug and remove.


    5. Take NRC turn signal, and remove (2) flat head screws above lens to separate from bracket. Take provided M6x16 screw and M5 hex nut and mount the bracket to the rear position, not the same as where the M13 hex nuts were. Repeat on both sides.


    6. Reassemble lens to top bracket with (2) flat head screws removed in last step. Feed wire through the bracket opening and route through existing cable channels in electrical system housing. Plug connectors together and test turn signal operation before reassembly.

    7. Reassemble the electrical system box cover with (9) T20 torx screws and remount headlight/instrument assembly with (4) T25 torx screws.

    If in step 6, you find the turn signals flash faster than normal, aka hyper flash, then modification to the electrical system is necessary. Resistors can be used on the turn signals to solve this. I opted to replace the stock flasher unit with a CustomLED ELFR-1. There are a couple reasons I chose this over resistors:

    • No cutting the stock wiring harness
    • One item to install which corrects all turn signals instead of 2 or 4 resistors to be installed
    • Resistors generate heat and it is recommended to mount them to metal surfaces to help dissipate the heat. Inside the front electrical system housing there are no metal surfaces to mount to and heat would be trapped inside the housing

    Relay install procedure:

    1.  Just behind the forks at the point where the top of the subframe meets the steering head tube there is a v-shaped plastic cover. Remove (2) T25 screws to expose wiring harness.


    2.  The flasher relay (part 30) is housed in a rubber strap/boot (part 31) which slides onto a flat metal support. There are three components like this in a triangle arrangement within the opening in the frame. The flasher relay is the one to the riders left, rear position. Slide the rubber boot off the support and extend to expose the stock relay and cable (parts 29-31).


    3.  The stock flasher relay has 2-pins and connects via the extension cable (part 29). The cable connects to the bike wiring harness with a three-pin connector. The CustomLED ELFR-1 has a three-pin connector so it can connect directly to the bikes wiring harness without the extension cable.

    4.  The CustomLED ELFR-1 pins are not in the correct positons for the Vitpilen 401 wiring harness so it is necessary to move the pins positions on the ELFR-1 to match the wiring harness.

    • Red wire on ELFR-1 to power source, +12v
    • Black wire to blinker circuit supply wire, pulses intermittent +12v with flasher relay installed



    5. Connect, turn on ignition and test the turn signals for proper flash rate

    6. The CustomLED ELFR-1 can fit into the stock rubber strap/boot and mounted back to the stock mounting position on the frame. Replace v-shaped plastic cover with (2) stock T25 screws.

    Finished Product:



    I’m not even going to attempt this but I still read through your awesome directions. Thanks dude.


    @pioneer401 This is an incredible write up. Thanks for taking the time to do this! I haven’t replaced my turn signals yet but it is on the list.


    Thank you for sharing, well done! One question I have for the installation of an USB Power Outlet to power my iPhone on my handlebars. Is it possible to connect the outlet somewhere behind the headlight? Are there free connections available? Thank in advance!


    <p style=”text-align: right;”>I ran my USB cable from the Acc2 connecter. Look it up in the owner manual, there is two. One is at the front of the bike.</p>


    Now I see! Thanks!


    A very concise, detailed tutorial. I swapped out my OEM relay for a CustomLED unit. It would have been torment stretched over hours if not for this writeup, thank you for taking the time.

    Red on the new relay connected to brown on the bike’s wiring harness, not black, I didn’t have a tester, wired it backwards the first time. Mea culpa. I have MotoGadget bar-end flashers on my bike, they function properly now after many months of fast-flash.

    Thanks again, Pioneer.


    . . . getting the soft rubber sleeve to slip over the relay in order to hang it from the tab on the frame was like trying to shoe-horn the glass slipper on the evil stepsisters. Now I know what the prince went through.


    Yes to all of this.

    Thank you! <3


    awesome post, thanks!


    European Svarpilen / Vitpilen are equipped with stock LED turn signals that IMO look great.

    As I understand American bikes are sold with bigger uglier turn signals. Aren’t they LEDs?



    Its kind of off topic but the accessory connections are in the same area as the flasher relay, behind the front stem under the small triangular cover. Requires removal of (2) T25 Torx screws to access


    Nope, incandescent. The Edison family must still be lobbying the politicians here to keep LED turn signals out haha


    I like the European turn signals more than the aftermarket options. Does anyone know a way to source them in the USA?


    Thank you so much for this write up! I used your exact parts and also did a nice tail tidy – all in 4 hours.


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