Disappointed with Leo Vince, any exhaust MAKE power (Arrow)?

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    I may swap on my decat and run it around block to see about sound but the decat may be out for me if it’s too loud.

    Is there any benefit to getting the slip-on and tune? With the slip on would it be beneficial to cut holes in the air box?


    I reckon my :LV10, holes in airbox lid, fuelling dongle and 15:42 gearing make this a beast!


    I’ve got the fuel dongle, yet to be installed. Still not entirely sure what it does.


    Most “fuel dongles” just trick the airbox temp sensor into thinking it is colder than it is, hence making the fuel richer.


    So it what scenarios would you want use the fuel dongle? If I have a slip-on and drill holes in the air box would it be beneficial for me?



    I bought the de-cat package + exhaust from Arrow a few weeks ago to get more revs and a better sound. The thing wasn’t even screwed on yet, so I wasn’t quite sure how it would work, except for the better look.

    I then asked the well-known PirateRacing Michael and he told me quite clearly that it would be physically impossible to get more revs in the lower and middle range if you rely on the de-cat and exhaust systems from Arrow, Shark or LaVinci.

    The reason: the storage space for the exhaust gases is simply too short, which in turn is due to the sporty design. In other words, if you strap on a slip-on with a catalytic converter, you lose virtually no revs or horsepower.

    If you start to install a sports exhaust without a catalytic converter, you have to reckon with the fact that you will only add a few hp to the appearance and sound in the final range (180 km/h) but definitely not in the lower and middle range.

    Apart from the fact that catalyst out = mapping in is always communicated. So you can’t get around the ECU or a PowerCommander without a catalytic converter.

    The only system that (also according to the size of the parts) brings more revs and speed AFTER tuning on the performance tester and mapping is the system from Akra. The differences in size alone are clearly visible here. Large exhaust and large de-cat. (https://www.ktm-shop24.de/76612945000-akrapovic-kit-racing-line – German)

    Negative: The Akra is sportier than the standard exhaust BUT it is not louder. And only minimally without a catalytic converter. In other words, you lose the core sound as with the slip-on from Shark, Remus or Arrow in any case.

    Everyone must decide for themselves what to do with it and how. All I know is that I’ve just wasted a fat €600.

    By the way, how BadWinners want to get the lower revs out with their kit (which I find very cool personally) because they don’t just have a modified cat pipe with storage space, but ONLY a pipe without storage space the exhaust gases is beyond me.

    They don’t reply to a single email from me, which I find very unfortunate, because it diminishes my personal trust in the company enormously, although everything else seems to fit.

    My question to @Monk would be what Bad Winners think about the lost revs in the lower range and how they feel about the whole physical thing if you have a good connection to them?

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Yeah, the stock cat/shoebox is actually a really good design and very hard to beat. Especially for day-to-day midrange torque. I left it on and only removed the insert from my Akra. Bike sounds perfect without being overly loud and sounds much much better than stock.

    The fuel dongle cleans up the rough running in the lower rps. It doesn’t give more power, but the engine runs just smoother. Remove the airbox lid and it’s perfect.


    Do you mean the Bezin dongle or the Lambda Killer? They are two different ones.

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    Question: the Akra pipe noted above, with the “cat-looking” midsection – is it compatible with the Vit 701? It’s marketed as a KTM 690 fitment.

    Besides not having the tabs to mount the under-cowling, is it a bolt-on for the 701?

    And, I’m seeing two perspectives on the mid-section – some say it’s a cat, others say it’s just a collector and does not have the cat components. Anybody know for sure? I believe it is NOT a cat, since it’s a racing pipe.

    I have seen that pipe on the 690 that Pirate Racing uses for comparison with the 701 – I wonder if it’s worth it for a mid-range bump without the weight of the OEM cat?


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    Max KoolMax Kool

    You need a different exhaust hanger for the slipon (Pirate racing sells them afaik), but apart from that, this Akra full system is the system to have, and about the only one that tops the stock cat and a slipon. Cheap, it’s not.

    “Do you mean the Bezin dongle or the Lambda Killer? They are two different ones.”

    I meant the Rottweiler fuel dongle, that replaces the lambada sensor.

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    @Max Kool – thank you. That answers my question.

    Now if only there was a dyno run on this sucker to see what it can do with the 690/701 engine and compare it to std decats . . . .


    1.800 € for this Akra is hard + Mapping of course.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I also have the Leovince GP duals and I’ve makes a lot of rides regarding which is the perfect settings and for me the perfect match is this:</p>
    At first I only install the exhaust GP Duals with the original decat, and with the db killers on the sound and the feeling is exactly the same than standard exhaust.

    At second I remove the db killers of and the sound improves a lot but I start having a lo of detonations in low revs and brake engine it was much more high, still disappointed for me.

    Next, I ride a Vit of a friend with decat remove with Arrow exhaust with db killer on and I realized that it was perfect, more power in high revs, and also I feel better feeling in low revs and no detonations, at least very strong detonations, because a little one is always in our bikes.

    So I decided put this specifications and it’s perfect:

    1. Install the decat remove kit, also you have 8 kgs less in the bike, and also improve the high temperature engine in city rides.
    2. Exhaust Leo Vince GP Duals, but it’s very important keep on the db killers install, this is the perfect feeling, improve sound, less kgs, better high revs performance and also low revs without detonations and very smooth.

    3. I also install a K&N airfilter, because my husqvarna garage tell me that it’s important that if you makes in the exhaust a better air exit you need to make the same in the intake, and with this cheap and easy work you don’t need to put a dyno v kit


    Max KoolMax Kool

    The K&N filter does nothing for power (it may even let in more fine dust particles). It’s not a restricting element in the airflow. Don’t forget our bikes have the same air filter as the bigger KTM 1190…. it’s the shape of the airbox.


    Is really the shape the restricting element of the air box?
    Yesterday I had a look at it. I was surprised how the two snorkels end in a very tight spot under the passenger seat. Has anyone improved the flow rate by modifying the snorkels?

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