Derestricting – Going from 48 to 75PS on a Vitpilen 701

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    Hi everyone!

    I got my A license last week which, in Europe, allows me to now ride all Motorcycles instead of only those with up to 48PS which I did the last two years. Consequently, I derestricted my Vitpilen 701 shortly after and would like to quickly compile my thoughts here, since I couldn’t find any similar post online and think that this might be of interest for people currently riding a restricted Vit.

    So, without further ado, let’s jump right in – and start with the least interesting topic, the price: For me, the derestriction as well as certification in my documents cost about 100€: 40 for the derestriction and 60 for the certification (a kind of inspection). The restriction was entirely software-based, so it was a very quick process. Left to do for me is to go the the TÜV (I’m in Germany) and actually have the new HP entered into the bikes documents.

    Now, for the good part: The power! I did a bit of research, and from what I found (and felt the last few days), the restriction isn’t really noticeable below about 5500RPM. Since the Vit doesn’t make more than 48PS there anyways, power there isn’t changed. You can see that on this Dyno from CycleWorld:Vitpilen 701 Dyno

    However, above 5500RPM is where things really changed. Instead of kind of plateauing, the Vit now just keeps on pushing into the redline. During the first hour riding it, I constantly went straight into the limiter since the gears just seemed to bit a lot shorter. However, the increase in power was of course to be expected. What I didn’t expect was the way this would change how I ride. I now reach much higher speeds on curvy roads much faster, which means I either have to let off the gas sooner or brake harder on the next corner. This is a big difference in riding style for me and I will definitely have to adjust in the future. Honestly, I can’t imagine riding a bike with twice or even three times the power, which you can do nowadays – but I’ll definitely be trying out some other bikes in the future, since I can ride any bike I want now 🙂

    Something else I absolutely didn’t expect was the way the quickshifter changed. When restricted, it never was quite as smooth as I expected, and gear changes, especially during load, where very noticeable and harsh. This has all but disappeared, gear changes now almost aren’t noticeable. This causes it to feel even faster still, and much more polished.

    Lastly, with the increase in power, the sound also changed. I lovingly referred to the bike as a sewing machine before, and while not completely untrue, it definitely has a deeper and more full sound at high RPMs now.

    Fuel economy hasn’t changed considerably, I got about 4.2l/100km over the last 10.000km, and over the last few days averaged 4.5. However, I didn’t do any long trips with constant speed, so I believe this is a bit high.


    In conclusion: More power above 5.500RPM, a way better quickshifter and still a lot of fun.


    Lastly, of course, here’s the mandatory picture of my bike. Cheers!


    Very interesting, thanks for the post 😎

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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