Decision anxiety! G.P.R Powercone EVO4 vs. Arrow Pro-Race Nichrom Dark

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    Hi all!

    I’m taking delivery of my Vitpilen 701 2019 today!
    Last time i owned a bike was back in 2015, a Kawasaki Z1000.

    My main thing about the Vitpilen is that it sounds so boring compared to my old Z1000.

    I’m therefor looking for a new silencer/exhaust.

    I’ve been searching the web for a lot of hours and have managed to filter it down to two options.

    G.P.R Powercone EVO4, will cost me about 500 euro incl specific link pipe, brackets, holder and fasteners.

    Arrow Pro-Race Nichrom “Dark” silencer is 470 euro or 682 euro with de-cat.

    I’m leaning towards the GPR since it reminds me alot of the look i had on my Z1000. Leovince GP Pro.

    Which one would you prefer of the two options above?


    From the looks I’d go with the Arrow.  As far as sound, I’m a fan of GPR.  I have a full thunderline system on my Daytona 675 and it’s amazing.  I am curious why you’d go with the power cone instead of the deep tone or one of the less obtrusive designs they have.


    Hola chicos!

    Aunque sea un principiante en el mundo de las dos ruedas,y mi opinión no pueda servir de mucho.

    Creo que el GPR encaja mucho mejor en cuanto a estética.

    De todas maneras súbete un vídeo para ver como suena tu tubo nuevo.

    AvatarChristopher Lee


    AvatarSimon Alexander

    Arrow looks and sounds good 😉 My video


    Your tube Simon sounds powerful, especially without db killer!
    and thanks for uploading video for which we are thinking of changing the exhaust pipe


    GPRs logo to my eye is a little too big and too flash, clashes with the bike’s design. With the rest of the VP looking stealth the GPR says “look at me!”

    just my .02

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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