Dealer swapped slave Cylinder under warranty😊

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    Hi all!

    Today I took my 701 to the dealer to get the slave cylinder replaced. So I wanted to give everone an update.

    Due to the high rate of failure before the recall had been issued,I purchased a Rekluse Slave cylinder in case mine failed. Up to today I had gotten to 6.3K miles without the cylinder failing, So not So bad.When I went to my appointment I asked the dealer if when the tech was replacing the cylinder he could install the rekluse I had purchased for my bike. They asked the manager and they said it was okay! So that was pretty sweet.

    I’ll be attaching the invoice under the recall warranty with no cost to me.

    Also a photo of the rekluse cylinder installed by the dealership.

    It took about 1 hour and I was back on the road with the new cylinder.

    I want to say there is a very big difference between the stock cylinder and the rekluse cylinder feeling.

    The shifting feels completely different compared to the oem cylinder.

    The shifting into every gear is much much smoother than before, and the super Jerky shift from 1st to 2nd gear now is gone. This is great.

    Also, while the shifting is smoother and thus feels easier, it is also very precise. The shift goes into gear very easily. I think the issue with the false neutral shifts might have been eradicated as well.

    All in all a great upgrade even if the oem cylinder wasn’t defective. The quicksilver is now buttery smooth.

    So just wanted to give my 2 cents 😊
    Let me know if anyone who has installed the rekluse slave cylinder has had any different experience.



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