Db killer removed from Stock Muffler

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    click the link to hear it. I apologize for it taking so long to to get the tool made and the DB killer removed and sound clip added. It sounds 100% better and cackles when down shifting.  Its not as loud as I was hoping but I ordered the Leo Vince de cat pipe, hopefully that will help. I may see if I can craft some brackets to maintain the black side covers from the cat for looks.

    It’s a very straightforward and permanent.

    heres the tool ($50 bucks  plus shipping you can own one too)

    All you need is a drill, this tool and PB blaster or similiar to spray on the metal and drill bit to keep it cool every 10 sec ish of cutting. Drilling out the dB killer took me about a min. I had someone hold it down on some cloth while I drilled it out. It can be down with out removing from bike, but you’d have to fish out the dB killer. Total time took me about 30 min.


    Hi, where can we buy this tool ?



    Hi, where I can buy the tool?


    You guys cant be serious?


    What diameter bit did you use to make your tool?


    Hi there,

    today i got my Vitpilen back from the 1st Service so i decided to rip out the DB-Killer.

    It was pretty straight forward and took like 10mins in total.

    First i used a Dremel to cut off the end of the DB-Killer Pipe. Around 6cm in length.

    After that i used a Hole Saw (diameter 48mm) to take the rest out.

    Lastly, i sanded the edge to smoothen out the hole.

    No need to dismantle the muffler.

    Sound-wise the fix is fantastic. You can still go low-key if necessary but if you open the throttle the engine really roars. In idle, the sound is way deeper and fuller (no glue how to describe that).

    Also there is plenty of popping like described above. And not just when down-shifting. Also when using the motor-break at revs beyond 5k.

    No idea yet how the bike sounds for spectators but when riding it‘s really awesome.

    100x better than the Akrapo. And i have a feeling that the Vitpilen is the best sounding LC4 machine i every owned.


    Those are neat rear indicators!


    Thx. Those are Husquarna/KTM powerparts.

    the Best thing is that i really hated the plateholder with the original blinkers but with the small led indicators the floating holder looks great. I won’t go for a tidy-tail now.

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    Est-ce que le son reste raisonnable pour le voisinage et les forces de l’ ordre qui contrôlent les décibels



    I don’t like tail tidies, but I also dislike the long stock plate hangers that some manufacturers use either. A neatly styled floating plate holder is the best looking compromise between style and legality IMO. Those cylindrical indicators look great, and improve the plate holder a good deal. Might have to get some myself, they look better than the stock ‘Euro’ LED indicators on my bike, especially as one of them was bent from new, and when I try to straighten it, it feels like it’s going to break.


    Hello, j’ai fais la modification du db killer et le son est vraiment sympa 😍il faut juste penser à remettre un peu de peinture noir céramique pour passer inaperçu ^^



    Peut-être la solution la moins honéreuse sachant que ce silentieux d’ origine est sympa

    John ee

    Where do you purchase them? Google doesn’t show any that looks like yours.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello Don tango!
    After removing dbkiller, apart from the obvious sound improvement, have you noticed a loss of performance on the bike?</p>


    or anyone else who has taken it

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