Customized speedometer

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    i’m also interested if you ever decide to sell them


    Me too. looks great!!


    Bonjour je pourrais être interessé

    J’attends le prix du compteur badwinner

    Pré-commande en décembre



    AvatarJ1 Shin

    @svartguy @ceebmoj @virutas

    Thank you so much for your interests in my work.

    Unfortunately, there are several problems to sell it, such as wire transfer, international shipping, and even voiding warranty of your bike….(It depends on how much reasonable the dealership is dealing with your bike’s warranty….^^;;)

    So I think opening all sources to the public including CAD drawing files, essential part’s list and assemble method is much reasonable solution.  So you can make it yourself, or further more you can modify it to make more better one~~ 🙂

    If you have interest in making it, I’m willing to help.


    And actually, there is an another solution that I tried before I customize speedometer.

    It is simply putting a one Cover part on a genuine speedometer as shown in photos attached.

    There are some flaws, such as a gap between cover part and speedometer, and double-sided tape must be used to bond cover part to speedometer. But good thing is, it is really easy to make and assemble, and it doesn’t affect your bike’s warranty ~~ 🙂


    So, if you need something, feel free to send private message. I will reply as soon as I read it. 😊



    Hi J1 Shin, have you linked the CAD files and do you have a link for this one cover part for genuine speedometer?


    …sorry; is not better by any means.

    Cannot get it why all here dream with the horrendous cell phone look a like colorful digital meters. May be because most of you are youngsters and born with the cell phone in your hands…

    Let even an MV Agusta bad.

    Duke meter? Completely out of place on a 401 or 701.

    These bikes are not for you guys. May be you need a Kawasaki  or like that or some Chinese one…



    Why not let people modify their bike however they want without passing judgment?

    Like it or don’t like it, that’s the beauty of self customization.  Without people doing all these different mods, we would all be the same…


    Kawasaki with a tablet and selfie camera.  I love being a youngster born into technology!!!Tablet



    Might upgrade to a big screen and ditch my  riding gear all together.Tv


    Hi Scubadubbers; not that I am not into technology; in fact I studied programming in 1983…but I am into style and design too.

    The guy that did the supposed better design mentioned early in the thread how bad the original design is and how good his mod…



    The stock instrument on my Vit701 is complete garbage and is not of the same quality as other parts on the bike.  It’s even warped in the sun, making it near illegible now.  There is nothing ‘simple, progressive’ about it. It’s just a cheap POS.  There are many reasons I like the Vit.  The instrument is not one of them.  And I’m not wishing it looked like a Christmas tree, just that it was reasonable.


    This looks incredible dude. great job

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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