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    Formula 1 Ferrari ace Charles Leclerc has commissioned French custom motorcycle designers BAD WINNERS to build a custom Vitpilen 701 for him, and they’ve done it. A lotta carbon fiber and a KTM headlight and it doesn’t seem so much nicer than the stock bikes that you and I have, but there you go… link here: <>






    Seen this pop up on the Facebook pages. Whilst it doesn’t look to bad, can’t say I like it more than the stock 701.

    I will be keeping eye on the individual prices for the parts, specifically the newer instrument cluster.


    This is the bike if you didn’t follow the link. I think it’s pretty killer personally. Winners claims it weighs just 130 kg (287 pounds) which is FUCKING BONKERS.


    It’s a very nice custom, change quite radically the trait of the bike, much more aggressive….going a little away from the original neo-retro concept though.

    I’m very curious on the future instrument cluster pricing and ease of install, if not too bad i could easily be tempted. This is one of the weak point of the original Vit in my opinion and worth an upgrade.

    And that SC exhaust….wooow! I would like to hear what it is like!

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    I saw it on the Facebook page too. It looks mean ! But I don’t think that look better or not than the vitpilen, it’s just different.

    But for that price, they could make a nicer seat, with better finition.  It looks very bad 😟compare to the stock one.

    The good part, is the dashboard, it was a pain in the ass according to BadWinners.

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    Max Kool

    I just want the top yoke, dash and wheels. Please.


    That is a dry weight, but still, add another 20-25lb or so to that and it’s still amazingly light!?!


    I like aspects of it, I actually quite like the headlight swap. But from the tank back I think they butchered it too much. Like everyone else though, I’ll be following the builders to see what parts are released. Like they removed the cat, but were able to keep the lower panels, yes please!!! And does this mean that SC project will finally be releasing a kit for us?


    I’ve sent them an email asking about the decat.

    Plan is it will be available mid February.

    PowerComander V: 410,00€ Net (already programmed)

    Decat pipe + bellypanel support: 329,00€

    Carbon bellypanels : 125,00€


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