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    Very crafty, great job!


    awesome man! now mass produce them!


    I’m gonna try to pull off a project with a color TFT that will replace the OEM, but have the same round shape and dimensions to fit.

    It will have a 4″ square LCD, full color 60Hz and a raspberry pi to drive it. I have made a replica of the vitpilen aero interface for now, but more modes to fit the different bikes will be needed 🙂

    First step would be to replicate the functions, like RPM, ODO and warning lights. I have sniffed the can-bus and found most of the signals needed, but it would help if some one has any more info about the can-bus messages.

    Then more “drive modes” could be added, like track timer with 10 Hz GPS built in.

    The TFT would be glued on the inside of the glass with LOCA glue to get an iPhone/iPad hi quality no glare feeling.

    Picture from the vitpilen prototype



    Can you make it work for the 401’s too please?

    If possible can the RPM display be a decent size, as I find the current one a bit difficult to read at a glance.

    Will you be able to incorporate the two shift light functions too?

    The manual lists all the different error messages including all the CAN failure messages.


    Must admit the OP idea and out come is pretty impressive, I am not a great lover of the OEM Dash for sure.


    your project is fantastic….i’ll wait the next step


    @Vanessa yes sure RPM light, I actually have a 401 vitpilen, so it will be 1st. I would like some help from you guys for some pointers to: Where to get the connector to the dash. And the other if someone knows the custom PIDs for the CANbus messages that indicates different errors. I will post more updates later, I’ll give you the animated meter from Vitpilen aero as reference:



    The connector might be quite difficult to get, these OEM industrial connectors usually have an MOQ that runs to 1000’s. If you can closely examine the connector, you might be able to see a manufacturer such as Ate, or AMP. This might not help though.

    If you run into difficulties getting the connector, then you could do what I do, and back out a pin from the loom (bike) side. You can buy pin removal tools to do this. You don’t want to take the pin off the wire, just pull it from the connector, then you can identify what type of pin it is. Most pins are common among connectors, so once you know what the pin is, you can source a connector body of your own that will work with those pins and just back all the pins out if the bike side connector, and fit them into your own connector body. It’s a pain but means you don’t have to cut the loom. I use Sumitomo connectors as they are double sealed against water ingress.

    If you have a CAN-analyser, you can simulate each specific error by disconnecting that part from a live system, (e.g. sidestand switch) and then read the consequently generated CAN error code. A bit like doing your own FMEA tests, which you should do anyway if you are offering such a system to bike owners.

    Good luck!



    That Vitpilen Aero display is lovely, but I would like actual rpm numbers as the revs rise, as well as the visual sweep. BMW have a really nice way of doing this on their latest displays.


    I just ran across this while searching for something else.  Wow, nice work, I love to see when someone puts their own skills and vision into the details of their own bike.  This is very well done.  As an engineer/machinist/business owner I can tell this was well designed, skillfully produced, and could never be sold profitably… 🙂  That’s the beauty of doing work like this on your own bike. It doesn’t have to make business since, it just gets to be cool. Well done.


    Man that Dash is amazing! Should be the original stock! NICE!!!

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