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    I Love my Vitpilen 701, but something bothered me since the beginning.

    In my opinion the original tachometer is really ugly and all alternatives like the Wunderkind cover did not satisfy my idea of a beautiful looking instrument.

    So I took it on myself to do the work.

    The perfect solution for a beautiful Tachometer would be to build a TFT display with small dimensions and good design, but this is out of my capabilities.

    So here is my work and solution on a better looking tachometer.

    Prototype phase

    Prototype phase

    The size was dictated by the internal PCB and display.

    My goal was to get rid of the plastic cover and the “yogurt cup” look.

    I measured everything, made a CAD drawing and machined a billet aluminium part on a CNC lathe. As you may be, noticed the button holes are missing. I was not happy with the position of the original buttons and they were very bad to press with gloves on. So I desoldered the micro switches of the PCB and soldered some wires in place to relocate the buttons later.

    Cover with vinyl, test fit

    I sent the bear aluminium to anodize it black.

    As cover for the display itself I went to my local glass supplier and ordered a piece of antireflective glass in the right dimensions. To cover the treaded holes, and to put on some rpm numbers I cut out some white and black vinyl on my vinyl cutter. In this step I also cut out the little icons like the engine check light. And lastly I cut out car window tinting wrap to stick behind the icons so the bright led’s wouldn’t blind me.



    May I present: finished product

    end result

    You can also spot the new button location. The holder is a 3d printed prototype for now. But it is working much better than the original buttons. The buttons are big enough to easily push with even bulky gloves while riding. It is such an improvement in looks and ergonomics. And as nice side effect I noticed with this antireflective glass the sun is not reflected in my eyes as hard as before

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    Wow man. That’s impressive.


    Did you test for water ingress? That would be my biggest concern. And are you going to clean up the junction of where the housing meets the glass?


    Your design really illustrates how much of the screen’s front face is just bezel. It’s very odd they way they designed it. And your buttons look so much better and more functional — I find the stock ones so useless to press that I never even use any of those functions any more.


    Definitely post more pics if you do any revisions.

    rod frostrod frost

    Very Nice!!!




    Yes I tested it with a hose pouring a ton of water over it and also had to ride home in the rain. It’s perfectly water tight and even the buttons with the shabby 3d printed holder. I glued the glass in with some special silicone and it seems to do the work just fine of keeping the water out. But the glass edge was not finished very well and this is what lead to the less than perfect junction. But if I find a solution to make it prettier I will post it.

    Yes it’s really sad they designed it like this. The bike is so pretty and has a premium look except this cheap looking excuse of a display. Even the 390 duke has a better looking colour TFT display.


    This is very impressive! Nice work!!!

    I would like to see a picture in the dark.



    Here you go:


    @Swisspilen, thank you. But the pics are so tiny, it’s hard to see.

    Anyway, I get a thought allready, and it’s realy nice!!!

    You are one artist!!!



    sorry for the tiny pics. now they should apear much bigger.

    here is a Video of the startup of the dashboard at night

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    Wow! Very impressive, nice work!


    @Swisspilen, that is amazing! It’s better than original!

    You should get a patent on that design 🙂


    Very cool. Thanks for posting.


    Very impressive ! Good job man. It would have been perfect in a smaller version!


    I actually really like the instrument “clock” because it looks like a motorcycle part and not like somebody attached an ipad to bike like on the KTM’s.


    With that said, I hate the buttons on the factory bezel/clock. I like yours A LOT!


    Good work!



    this is impressive and looks so much better than the original, great work!


    Great work! Well done and I would love to buy one if you ever decided to make a small run of them.

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