Coolant leakage

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    Was at the service and they changed the coolant fluid. After that I didn’t do many miles till after 1 week, left the engine running while I geared up, when I i was near the bike there was coolant under it. I assumed they put to much coolant or something.

    I also relied on the water temperature to tell me if everything is ok.

    The temperature never gone above 4 bars, the fan was going crazy but not more then usual since it always was running when weather was hot.

    Today when I opened the radiator top i seen it was very dry and no coolant; i took the right side plastics of and checked the coolant level, 0 coolant.

    Did anyone had a similar experience with the Vitpilen 401?

    The odd part is that the temperature never gone over 4 bars, maybe the temperature sensor is defective.

    The bike has only 15k km on it.

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