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    So guys… I bought the coober ecu and installed it on my decatted 701. After I first put on the decat link pipe a couple months ago, I felt the bike was running (even more) lean, especially below 4k rpm. I looked into a PCV or the rapidbike ecu (both are avail for the duke 690) and I decided to go with the coober.

    The performance gains are noticeable to me. It finally stopped raining in southern california so it took the bike into the hills once installed. The coober seems to help help the flat low end on my bike a lot. Mid range is definitely punchier. Coober claims a 7hp gain and has dyno charts on their site. That’s a big claim. It’s all butt-testing but it feels a lot smoother and stronger through entire rev range to me. Is it actually ~10% more powerful? Dunno, feels like it.

    I have not dyno’d the bike and currently don’t plan to. In any case, the coober is locked, which means you can’t do any tuning at all. I  don’t know if the AFRs are really any better, to be honest. It still pops a lot on decel.

    Install is pretty easy, though it straps to the inside of frame in not a very pretty or hidden way. The coober piggybacks on the OEM ECU and does not interfere with oem ECU updates (although I am not sure we are going to get any from husqvarna, at least according to coober). I talked to coober techs quite a bit and coober has no plans to update its software.

    The 701 is by far my slowest bike, but I love how it handles, looks, and (especially) weighs, so I was hoping to give it just a bit more grunt. Between the coober and the gearing changes I did earlier (15/42T, 2.8 ratio), I am now quite happy with it. The bike is very fun around town and and an absolute scalpel in the canyons.

    It’s pricey but I give the coober 2 thumbs up. Your milage may vary.

    rod frost

    Is this a simple under the seat install?


    I’ll post pics tomorrow if possible. It mounts to the inside of frame on left side of bike, more or less below/forward of airbox. It won’t fit under seat area, as the internals on the bike are pretty tight.


    You have to pull the tank to install all the connectors.


    Are you running it with the standard air filter cover?


    Air box is stock, though I have a DNA filter on order.


    Or do you mean to allow for for placement of the unit under seat?


    According to this you can get +5hp and +7Nm Torque by simply removing the airbox cover.

    I’d love to see what the Coober did on top of that. Maybe give it a go?



    Wow, that was an interesting video. When I saw you posted a 5hp gain, it frankly sounded like bullshit. But the dyno explains it well, and his comparison charts to the 690R (and him pulling out the 690 airbox) were very convincing.


    When it stops raining I will definitely give it a go, both with the stock filter and also the DNA high flow when it arrives.


    I imagine if I like it, I will drill and mesh the lid to keep crap out of motor given the free flow filter.


    Thanks for posting that. Will report back.

    la fleche


    Really very interesting and exciting video. I didn’t know the Pirate.TV.

    Many thanks /danke schön/merci beaucoup Monsieur TC.



    Guys, I was talking to Coober and they said DO NOT remove the airbox cover as it can make it too lean and you can destroy your engine.



    Haha TC, were you talking to Brani? He told me the same thing.


    I’m going to pull the lid today anyway. For science.


    So I rode it to work without the airbox lid. Definitely more torque in lower rpm range. Bike did not explode yet.


    Here is promise photo of coober mounted inside frame.


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    Thanks for posting your review.

    I installed a Coober ECU and DNA filter in December; love it. The most fiddly thing with the install wasn’t the Coober – but just making sure I didn’t damage the plastic tank panels during removal. Once I figured it out, it went smoothly.

    Brani was good to deal with @ Coober; and with the De-cat & Leo Vince pipe, the bike sounds great and performs very well.

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    Nice. I have a Coober unit on the way. I have the decat but stock muffler for now. I’m waiting to see what Remus have been working on for the Vit/Svart 701. Something going to be unveiled in spring.



    I am new here, but I have gained a lot of experience with Duke 390 and 690 in the last years with fuelling changes. I run a wideband O2 sensor with datalogging to control my fuelling to prevent any damage running too lean (or loosing power when too rich).

    From next season on I will transfer all my experience and electronic stuff to my new Vitpilen 701. As the engines are identical and the exhaust nearly identical, I expect, the my experiences from the Duke 690 will help to optimise the Vitpilen. The only major difference is the airbox, which generally works to the same principal as at the Duke, but has some differences, which are in my opinion an improvement. So is the airfilter in the Vitpilen significantly larger the at the Duke. It is the filter from Duke1290. Secondly I prefere the airbox cover under the seat, so no drilling and cutting at the airbox is necessary to gain more air and power.

    I general the 690 KTM engine is very welcoming to airbox modifications, as the airbox is relativ small (compared to the engine size) and noise restrictions for Euro4 take it’s toll. KTM really found a good compromise whith really good top end power, but in low and mid range there is room for improvement.

    Exactly this shows the pirates video. Removing the airbox cover improves the amount of air at low and mid range. More air with same fuel will lead to a leaner engine. But as you can see in the graphs at 17:15 in the video, the Vitpilen without cover is still in an execeptable range. Lambda value goes up from 0,85 to 0,9..0,95, which is absolute no problem for a watercooled 4-stroke. Above 1 would be critical. Of course you can gain some more power by correcting the fuel, and exactly this I will do.

    There are a lot of experinces about optimising the Duke 690 at the Search for

    “Neues aus der Tuningküche – Modell 2016 Duke-V Stage-II & III”

    at 690 LC4 Tuning.

    I will report later the year about my progress, but at first spring must come and I have to run in the new engine before starting my work…………



    Cool. Thanks for posting.  Looking forward to hearing your progress. What wide band O2 sensor are you using and can the stock ECU interpret the data from it?

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