Concept (2014) vs Production vitpilen 401

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    I can’t be the only one that is scratching my head on why Husqvarna didnt stick to some of the things that made the concept vimpeln 401 look soooo much better than the production version. So, here I’ll point out some of the differences that I would like to have on my own bike in order to see if anyone of you have made those changes, and how you did it.

    concept (2014)

    “real” vitpilen (2018 version)


    The things that I miss on my production version bike (I’ve a 2018) is:

    • All cognac/brown/champagne (call it whatever) colored anodized aluminium parts. This color looks soooooo much better and I can’t understand why Husqvarna ditched the color on some of the components. Has anyone had them anodized in this color as a mod? cost/time on doing that? its on my list of future mods!

    • foot pins. just look at the production version; boring and cheap looking foot pins and attachments. Does anyone know it the concept-style is available somewhere? Also these are in that nice anodized color. Looks so much better!

    • Chain guards. Both the aft and front chain guard differs. As for now, ditching the chain guard completely seems to be the only way to make an upgrade in looks on that part of the vitpilen. But if the concept version was available, I would be the first to buy!

    Do you guys agree on this, and do you see any other features from the concept version that you would like to see either as stock mounted for you upcoming owners or as aftermarket parts for you that are already riders of the white arrow?

    /Justus, Sweden


    The Husqvarna OEM Accessory pegs are similar design


    There’s certain stages in product design and development where you “cost down” and the budget side of things begin to dictate what is not necessary to hit a certain profit margin and what is necessary in order to retain the function, design, and consumer appeal, etc.

    Costs probably unexpectedly rose in other areas for various reasons from suppliers or complications, so certain prototype parts were simplified or left off to save in manufacturing costs.


    Also, many parts, such as pegs & mirrors, are overlooked by a majority of buyers.  Then, sold as option/accessory “upgrade” parts by the retailer to satisfy the smaller percentage of buyers who do look at these things.


    Guards and things like that have to pass certain failures and robustness testing and meet specs or certs.  That prototype guard probably didn’t meet specific standards as far as saving a passengers leg (or engine case) if chain broke, so a full guard is added.

    Overall, if many of those small details were actually put in to production, MSRP would have skyrocketed and sales volume decreased (already was lower than they expected I’m sure) and you’d hear an even larger number of complaints at how the product was overpriced, etc.


    Now, it’s up to you to add that additional cost in and personalize the bike to your eye, if it’s super important to you to make those changes.

    Honestly though, that’s part of the fun of owning a bike in my opinion!


    Of course the reason behind most of the changes is due to manufacturing costs, no debate there! I did not try to make the case that they didn’t do it because of production costs/safety regulations etc etc.

    I’m pretty new to the world of Husqvarna, so a question for you guys that have been around a while; Have the OEM accessories and parts – range from Husqvarna expanded over time or has it been the same parts ever since they launched the line of street bikes? Do you think there’s a possibility that they will offer for example full CNC foot pins / control sets (all CNC on the prototype, right?) in the future?

    The only change they did that I can’t really find a good excuse for is the color of the anodized cast aluminium parts. From what I’ve experienced the cost of colored anodizing is not higher than that of black (or silver as on svartpilen). I miss that the most to be honest!


    Yeah the bronze is definitely a nice touch on the 401


    I’m realizing more and more now that CNC machined is not always better, and often looks cheaper now days with the availability of mass produced Chinese goods.

    I don’t think it would be an improvement on this bike unless many cnc parts were added, like triple clamps and everything.

    Same with carbon fiber.  I don’t want to add carbon fiber parts to my Svartpilen.  Unless I went crazy with a full tank and everything.


    Unfortunately, as long as I have paid attention, I don’t think Husqvarna will be adding to their power parts option catalog for these bikes.

    The bikes will probably see a redesign before they do.


    Does anyone know the color code of the bronze? It’d be helpful to match with powder coating certain parts.


    From what I’ve seen, this is one bike range to manage to stay pretty close to it’s concept version in comparison to other models when they first came out.

    With the big price drop this year, I saw this as the first opportunity to buy a reasonably priced designer looking bike. Right out of the dealership. At this price point we got to have reasonable expectations.

    I do agree that the missing concept details make for a better looking bike but I’m still happy with what I got for the money.

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