Competition Werkes Chamber Delete: 2020 Svartpilen 401

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    Completed the Competition Werkes (CW) Chamber Delete on my Svartpilen 401 this weekend.

    It is a moderate level modification as you need to remove the entire exhaust system (header, muffler chamber and canister) as well as the skid plates which Husky calls a spoiler.

    NOTE: I have the Akrapovic slip-on exhaust  mod.  It looks great, sounds better but I wanted more sound.

    I’m not a mechanic by any means, but have completed many moderate level modifications on motorcycles and Jeeps.

    The instructions are minimal from CW, but as expected for an aftermarket purchase.  Also, this is a newer part so no YouTube videos to use either.  So, as a novice mechanic I supplemented information with the Husky Svartpilen 401 user manual.  Also, that way, you have the torque settings after reassembly.

    Project Pic


    (The tarp is on top of blankets.  Heated garage, but still a frozen floor in MN)

    The most challenging part was the final step to remove the actual muffler chamber.  The bolt “tube” was flush with the frame mounts so I had to slightly bend the frame mount, pop the muffler chamber with a hammer and…

    Say NO to muff chambers

    The installed CW Chamber Delete

    The Void

    When reassembling, make sure to keep the entire exhaust system “loose” until you get the exhaust system and the skid plates reassembled…then tighten everything. I had to readjust as the header pipe as it was fighting with the skid plates.

    How does it sound?  It sounds more like a thumper!  (Video soon after figure out the logistics for this forum)

    I will be able to ride the Svartpilen mid-March so I’ll have a better idea of the new sound.  The next mod would be more permanent as it’s removing the db killer in the Akrapovic.

    More to come…


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    Awesome work man! Haven’t been able to see anyone pull it off yet, so hats off for being the first and providing the tips. Does getting rid of the chamber allow you to reroute the exhaust header? I’m looking to increase the ground clearance by an extra inch or two and this might be the easiest way.


    The header and exhaust follow the original path, but I could see how a new header would possibly allow for that.  The skid plate is two pieces with a plastic piece that is attached next to the header pipe.  I had to really use the trial and error method to get it all back together!

    Your comment got me thinking if I keep the bike long-term I’ll probably go for a custom system to reroute.  Good idea.  Add a proper skid plate.

    An update is I’m going to try the Coffman Shorty Exhaust to get some more noise (on order now)!  I have the Akrapovic, but don’t want to cut it up to get some more tone.  It sounds a lot better, but I’m going to give it’s a go for fun!

    Daniel Taylor

    best sound is to have the standared system and take the db killer out the akra- everything else you are doing will be a waste of time and money.


    ive played with all the options- best sound is standered with akra dbkiller removed.

    Dr J

    Great work!

    I am based in London and finally received the CW part and also got an Arrow header to add to the sound!

    I cannot wait to give it a go this weekend, I will try to post some photos here too.

    Also need to get a torque wrench and look at the torque settings as you mentioned above!




    “Best Sound” is a matter of personal opinion, and I didn’t want to cut up a $600 Akrapovic exhaust.   I don’t keep my motorcycles for long, so a great accessory for the next owner.

    I did some research and found a great exhaust and company, Coffman Exhaust.

    It is a great value at $249!

    Now, the Svartpilen sounds like a rambunctious thumber!  the revs are deeper, the pops and spits are just plain fun.  I swear it has more power and pull, but I’m smiling and laughing too much to really pay attention.

    Finally, Coffman Exhaust is a great family company with a storied history. You will hear from a Coffman when you order, just a nice change of pace in our world of large corporations and Amazonia shopping.

    Every need to find their own preference, but if you want the best value it’s factually the Coffman Shorty Exhaust.


    @Dewey Hello, im looking for an exhaust just dont know if i should go on a slip on or a full system. For now i was lookiing at cw chamber delete to begin with. Does it work with the standard exhaust? Also, im intrigued by what you said for coffman exhausts. Will it work with the chamber delete or if i decide not to install the chamber delete, will i see improvement? Last question, do i need to remap after the exhaust change? I also want to change the air box/filter. Does it need to be remaped too?

    PS. Great job you did there



    Thanks for posting , been looking for that exact part for some time, got it on order. Hope to use the room to mount the tool kit.






    I just completed the chamber delete and slip on install of the competition Werkes duo.. the most challenging part was the last step to remove the exhaust chamber… I finally figured out to loosen the two bolts by the gear shifter which allows the bar to release..  no need to bend or hammer at chassis..


    Actually installing the delete and slip on are straight forward, but need to be tightened like crazy to hold firm…  but the result is additional 15 decibel from just having switched the slip on.. which already gave additional 20 decibels.. so now my little 401 runs at 100 decibel from cold start idling.. should be loud enough 🙂

    Dr J

    Hi Guys! It took me a while but finally I have made this baby roar like a beast!

    Arrow headers, C Werkes chamber delete and Arrow GP2 “silencer”

    check it out and let me know your thoughts



    Great result. I will also put an Arrow slip on just not the same as yours as I dont like it. What does the chamber delete offer to the bike? Do you think I should add it? Also did you remap the engine? Did you also changed the air filter and air filter lid, because Im going to do that also.

    Dr J

    Haha thank you for the honesty!

    I have to admit I wasn’t sure about the carbon fibre strip but for some reason the GP2 s don’t come with direct fitting for the bracket..

    Chamber delete arguably will bring uninterrupted flow however I did it just for the sound… it freaking roars!
    I took a video let me see if I can put a link here

    Dr J

    turn the volume up!!


    are you comftabl with the sound ? as i want toinstall one so cars hear me lol

    not wanting to instally any $$$ mufflers


    Hello I tried to remove the dbkill from my Akra slip on (svartpilen 401) but can’t extract it after I drilled the bolt, could you please give me some details on how to do it, the other tools to use maybe  ? Many thanks for your help

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