Comparing our beloved 701 to the new HD Sportster S

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    Hi guys

    So this thought sprung into my mind a few days ago, after I saw a video of the new Harley Sportster S on YouTube.


    Honestly I felt an old too familiar feeling that I had not felt since 2017 when I first saw my Vitpilen 701!

    I love my vit 701 and I dressed her up super nicely with the badwinners performance kit and waiting on their Dash cluster as well. I love everything about the bike, and I thought this bike would stay with me forever. Hahah, I think I still do so, but man I felt something when I saw that new Sportster S, it’s shape its curves its build, it’s a beautiful bike, at least to me.


    Hypothetically, if we were to compare two very different bikes like the Vit701 and the Sportster S, what are your guys opinions and thoughts?

    I do understand the two are very different machines, and even the type of riding is also quite different between each bike.

    In any case, would love to read some of your thoughts on this comparison!

    Cheers 🍻



    I would wait. There is more than a chance that Harley will do something a little more performance oriented with the platform. A more direct competitor for the Indian FTR1200 maybe.


    I do own a Buell XB which is, in my opinion, the much better Sportster. Though her styling is special without any doubt. I always liked the Sportster Roadster since it’s the sportier version regarding its seating position. But then again a Sportster is not really sporty anymore, unlike it was in the late fifties. I’d say: take her for a ride. Not just a 15-minute test ride, but rather for a day or a weekend. This will get you closer to a proper decision whether you’re Sporty-guy or not.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Apples to melons. In no way do the V701 and Sportster S compare.

    Literally the only thing they have in common is that they stayed very close to their respective prototype.

    AvatarKirkish Delight

    It’s a good looking bike, but still very much a cruiser.


    If you find yourself smitten with both the Sportster S and the Vitpilen 701 I think it’s safe to say you like motorcycles with round headlights, but difficult to say much more.

    If I found myself tempted to compare these two bikes I would want to spend a long time pondering what I actually want in a motorcycle beyond aesthetics.

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