Coffman Exhaust Shorty – 2020 Svartpilen 401

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    “Best Sound” is a matter of personal opinion, but I knew I wanted more sound regardless. Istarted looking for a second exhaust.

    I have installed the Competition Works chamber delete, and I’m happy with the sound change. I have the Akrapovic exhaust, but didn’t want to cut up a $600 Akrapovic exhaust. I don’t keep my motorcycles for long, so a great accessory for the next owner.

    I did some research and found a great exhaust and company, Coffman Exhaust.

    It is a great value at $249!

    Now, the Svartpilen sounds like a rambunctious thumber! the revs are deeper, the pops and spits are just plain fun. I swear it has more power and pull, but I’m smiling and laughing too much to really pay attention.

    Coffman Shorty Rev Video (with Competition Werkes chamber delete)
    Coffman Shorty at idle (with Competition Werkes chamber delete)

    Finally, Coffman Exhaust is a great family company with a storied history. You will hear from a Coffman when you order, just a nice change of pace in our world of large corporations and Amazonia shopping.

    Everyone needs to find their own preference, but if you want the best value it’s factually the Coffman Shorty Exhaust.

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