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    Wow, do you really think that KTM has any interest in selling you a bike with an issue? Take it into account that there are many suppliers of the parts that they partner with and failures happen occasionally. Not every Vitpilen has this issue, it might have been just supplier delivering a faulty part passing QC.



    The dealer obliged to fix it under guarantee but they replace with the some shit that will break

    shit happens every few months 3000 mil and you will find your self in loop


    That’s a fact!!!!

    This is no longer coincidental, more then 3 years

    “2020 Vitpilen 701 picked up today . 7 miles on the odometer. Clutch failed”

    show us one motorcycle that failed after 7 miles


    Dealer came out and replaced the slave cylinder today (on this bike that had one fail at 7 miles). After they left, I did a test on it and when I pull the clutch lever in all the way, I get a horrendous “clacking” noise coming from the clutch case.  I removed the cylinder and re installed it, making sure the push rod was seated correctly. No more clacking noise on full pull of the lever. But now, on my test ride, the clutch is obviously slipping. Like the slave is not releasing and allowing the clutch to fully engage.

    Oberon unit on order and will be here in a few days. I’ll try that and report back.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Check if the reservoir is not overfilled (this could cause the the clutch not coming all the way back).


    Apparently this is still an issue.  Just picked up my 2020 Vit on the 22nd of this month. I’ve ridden the bike 3 times and it currently has 88 miles on it. My clutch went out 2 miles from my house and after chasing the line out I saw a small leak coming from the master slave cylinder. The dealer said they would come pick up the bike next week for repairs. So I had to wait to get the bike because of the fuel leak issue and now I have to give it back for a clutch leak! I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.


    Mine has started acting up at 650 miles. Pulled up at lights with the clutch lever pulled in, the bike will occasionally creep forward as if I was feathering the clutch out, then it will stall and fail to restart with a ‘TC. Failure’ warning. So far if I wait a little it will restart and I see no drop in fluid level, but it seems like this may be the start of the o-ring failing…

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    I just didn’t want to deal with the potential clutch issue at random timing so I went ahead and got Oberon unit installed when my 2019 Svert 701 was in for the tank recall. Clutch lever action feels very positive and precise. Shame we have to resort to a 3rd party solution, but I take reliability over uncertainly on this one.


    Oberon unit came in, installed last night in 20 minutes, problem fixed.

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