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    Then I got an answer to the problem at the workshop. It turns out that there are O-rings that are weak in the pump housing on the clutch, common on 701. Husqvarna is working on a 3rd generation O-rings that are coming these days. They say they are very random which clutches are affected by this problem. Ask your workshop to check your clutch pump the next time you are close by, there is a 5 year factory warranty on this.

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    Hey guys.

    I just wonder if that issue could also lead to a clutch which opens very late. As my wife and me own two Vitpilens i can compare directly. On my bike, everything seems fine, but on hers, you need to pull the lever completly to the handlbar to open the clutch fully.

    When you adjust the lever to the closest position it’s nearly impossible to get in a gear.

    Tomorrow her bike will go to the 1000km service, i will mention it for sure and keep you informed. Just would like to hear your thoughts on it.





    Hey Markus,

    As the issue progresses the clutch pulls more so it sounds like the problem We had. It went from normally working through the kind you specified your wife has to being unable to stop without turning of the engine, all in 2 km in my case. And from what I hear every evolution of the problem is different from bike to bike. If I were you I’d ask them to change it in your bike too unless they’re sure that you’ve got the updated piston fitted. I’ve got one of the first production models and AFAIK every bike my dealer sold showed up for repair. 🙂

    Hope they’ll fix it soon for you!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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