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    I wanted to replace my clutch lever with a shorter aftermarket one. Specifically I’m looking at the Puig lever, not too expensive but not cheap either. The problem is Puig doesn’t make levers for the Svartpilen yet. Since the bike is based on the Duke 390 I thought I’d just buy the one for the 390, but it turns out that pre-2017 Dukes had a different lever. Common sense indicates I should get the lever for the 2017-2018 Duke 390, but I don’t want to spend 60 euros on a guess. Can anybody drop some knowledge on this subject? Thanks!


    If you’re based in the US, I would say to order the part you’re looking for from a large, online distributor like Revzilla or Cycle Gear. Generally speaking, they have reasonable return policies with no restocking fees so if the part doesn’t fit you can simply return it.

    Although our Huskies are based on an already existing platform, many of their components differ from their relative counterparts. Most aftermarket manufacturers and distributors of those components are not willing to take a chance on an unknown model so it’s really up to us, as a community, to do our own research (as you have) and if we can’t find a solution, we must create one. It will not only help our small community but the manufacturers and distributors will quickly jump on board.

    -From Revzilla’s Site:


    Unfortunately I live in Spain, so Revzilla is not an option. I think I will disassemble the clutch lever, take a picture of it and then compare with the existing duke levers. I’ll post results as soon as I am able to.


    Recently I broke a lever and had to replace it. Did a ton of research and I’m pretty sure the Duke 390 (2017-current) has the same exact housing as the ones on the ‘pilens. Fortunately I called my dealer and he was able to swap my lever out for one he just pulled off a vitpilen he had in stock and  so i didnt end up having to order one.


    Well I wasn´t able to fully disassemble the lever because it was getting caught on something and I didn´t have time to investigate it before going to work. But I saw a video online of someone undoing a clutch lever on a 2017 390 and it looked exactly the same (plus now I know why mine was getting stuck). So yeah, levers for the 2017 390 Duke are the ones we should get!


    It’s getting stuck on the clutch switch which will not allow the lever to be removed.

    From the underside of the lever mount, you’ll need to remove two small phillips screws that will allow you to remove the switch.

    I would also recommend that on the clutch side, you loosen the tension nuts on the cable retainer. Measure the thread distance from the cable housing before loosening so that you can tighten the nuts back up to their original position when you’re done.


    I just found a set labeled for 2018 Svartpilen 401 on Ebay. I figured I would let $20 ride on the gamble. I will get back on fitment when they get here from Hong Kong


    I just ordered a set of levers for Duke 390 from Amazon and they are exactly the same fitment. I will post pictures later today of them installed. I have a Vitpilen but I think the levers are shared between all of them.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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