Clutch cable just snapped mid-ride Vitpilen 401

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    well guys. It happend… mid ride while going to get lunch with my buddies I had taken of from a stop sign and boom my clutch lever goes limp nothing. Pull off to the side of the road cable just slips out. I have less that2k miles on this bike.



    can someone tell what cable length I would need to look for or if the duke 390 clutch cable is interchangeable?

    ive heard of this being an issue with some others and their dealer fixed it but this nice people want to charge me to inspect my broken cable and tell me it’s broken …lol here are some pics



    Anyone ?


    That’s a shame! I’d be kicking up a loud stink at my dealer and demanding a warranty repair! Check if the outer cable is kinked at the point the inner cable broke. Also I’d use some cable lube applied with the special lubricant injector for cables, on your new cable, I think Revzilla sell such a gadget. Or try a Magura hydraulic clutch conversion (not cheap though).


    Sorry to read that ! Did you have a gear already engaged when it snapped or were you in neutral ?


    My clutch was waaaaaay out of proper adjustment when I took delivery of my bike last year. I’m guessing lots of dealers aren’t checking cable tension and clutch drag when they get new bikes in.

    Be sure to double check the adjustments at both end of the cable when you get it fixed, don’t just replace the cable. Cables don’t break for no reason.


    @vanessa yea my dealers service dept is not the best people to deal with so i just bit the bullet and purchased myself instead of my bike sitting on in their service dept for 3 weeks for a clutch cable.. lol  it looked like it was kinked during install i took pictures and documented everything to have everything on record.

    @freccia-nera when my clutch snapped i was in 1st going to second so when the cable snapped i was freaking out because i wasn’t able to shift down i pulled over in first with my hand on my break and kill switch was engaged then i was able to pull the clutch in from the case. hell of a ride..


    yea i had to learn that the hard way.. best believe i aam double checking and lubing this new cable i am not walking this dang bike back home again lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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