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    Hoping for some assistance here. Is there a way to adjust the clutch  on the 401?

    My main problems are that it grabs way too far out and engages way too fast.

    I tightened the cable on the lever side and also the engine side and that did help a bit ,  but from disengaged to fully engaged takes only 1/2 inch of lever?

    Ideally, I would like the clutch to engage nice and close to the handgrip and be fully engaged by time the lever is 3/4 of the way out…

    Also, the stock lever is terrible sloppy, if anybody has a suggestion for a nice responsive upgrade, I would appreciate it



    Husqvarna makes a set of CNC’d clutch and brake levers with adjustment.

    See here:

    Have not tried personally, but they are maybe worth a look.

    Good luck!




    I have found some I like, adjustment is limited to the first 2 settings though by the trigger for high beam flash.


    The slop and play in my stock levers was pretty terrible too, so I took mine apart completely including drilling out the rivets, and shimmed, threaded, screwed and generally fettled them into shape. They are really good now, and it didn’t cost me much other than my time and some fixings. I made a post about modifying my brake lever a little while back.


    I have the CNC’d levers sold on this site.


    They are awesome.




    i have also the cnc one the orig. power part…but have struggle and changed position cause of the flash beam trigger really wired to design it not to fit in every position…or they want riders to beam by evey shift 😉


    Hey Ewal, just got a 2020 Svart 401 and have the same issue with the stock clutch…

    did you end up adjusting the free/play and changing the levers?

    This is the first thing I need to adjust on my bike…thanks!


    I found on mine that while almost the whole of the lever reach adjustment could be used it didn’t get the bite point where I wanted it. There was only very tiny amount of adjustment on the cable where the clutch would work cleanly but that may have been down to inexperience adjusting a cable clutch.

    I disassembled, cleaned and shimmed both levers with sanded down nylon washers or very thin steel ones used to align mountain bike disk brakes. This took away most of the play and made the clutch much nicer to use.

    I eventually fitted these which have a nice rolling wheel adjuster. They are quite a tight fit which you may find with other aftermarket ones they don’t foul the switches though

    MZS Brake Clutch Short Levers Wheel Roller Compatible Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 2018-2019

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