Clip ons or riser bars?

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    I bought my vitpilen second hand and it came with the ABM riser bar kit fitted, I was also given the original clip ons separate. I understand the riser bars are desirable modification and I find the ergonomics of them great. However I bought the bike for the cafe racer looks and just think the clip ons complete the look. Just how uncomfortable is the bike with them on and does anyone who’s run both options on their bike have an opinion?


    Dan, PM sent.


    I’ve done over 300 miles in a day on my vit several times. It’s tiring and I was pretty ready to get off the bike and sore for a few days but I think it’s worth it for the looks.

    it’s not that uncomfortable if you’re using your core and not leaning on your wrists. That said the position will take its tole on you but not it ain’t that bad.

    fyi I’m 36 and I’m not in the greatest shape

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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